boho heat + things of note

necklaces: noonday collection
earrings: madewell 
bangles via stitchfix

Y'all. Some things of note --
1.  I think I'm growing out my bangs. It's summer. Which means sweaty forehead. Which means hair a nasty mess. Exhibit A & B are the two pictures up top. Cray Cray sweaty bangs. But duh. I asked for it. Hot day at the East Nashville Farmers' Market.
2.  I share this pair of sunglasses with David.  We found them at a garage sale for two dollars.  Who knows how old they are, but the tint is really dark.  Like, sometimes I can't see too dark.  Bright sun is no match for these -- but if you see me wearing these indoors or in the shadow of a tree, watch out -- cause I won't be able to see you.
3.  I love this faux-crochet dress.  I'm not sure a year or two ago I would have ever picked it out or thought I would like such a pattern.  But boho y'all.  I'm making it the year of boho and I love it.
4.  Lindsy of LMR Photos took these shots of us.  We had so much fun with our kiddos down at the park.  You can see more pictures from this excursion on her blog HERE.
5.  I'm turning 30 a week from Saturday...
6.  Magnolia's shirt is from something (someplace?) called the "Free Box" somewhere in Colorado.  A place where tourists dump their stuff that they don't want to travel with and anyone can come take it.  For free.  Uncle Michael got it for her and she (we) love it.

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  1. Love these photos! A free box in Colorado!? That sounds amazing - I live in Colorado so hopefully it's near me. :)

  2. So gorgeous!!! Wow. I'm loving these photos so much. Your hair looks great. Never fret, my dear!

  3. What a pretty dress! You look amazing!


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