Today, a sweet blog friend, Kristen Welch's book, Rhinestone Jesus, is officially released.  And I couldn't be more excited about it.  I got my hands on a copy of it a few weeks ago, and though I'm only a third of the way through, I have found myself several times, while in the midst of other necessary activities, wishing I could sit down and read more.

If you feel like you are stuck somewhere.  If you feel like you are under water.  If you ever feel like you are on the sidelines waiting for God to use you.  If you ever think "I've just got to make it through these next couple years and then finally_____ fill in the blank____."  If you have labeled yourself as "just a mom," "just a wife," just anything.  This.  This book.  The memoir of Kristen's life and her struggles and dreams and broken dreams will wet your parched tongue and feed you with Godly wisdom and encouragement.  Because where you are matters.  What you are doing matters.  Your Yes to him matters.  No matter the size of it.

My one little word this year was slow.  And in that I've wanted to grow in the discipline of being present.  Of saying yes to God right where he has me.  If it's 3:23am and I'm up with my 7 month old I want to be all there. Open fully to all that God has for me in this moment with my son, who will not always be this little and who will not always need me.  This saying Yes, this relinquishing of personal agenda and desire, it means somethings.  And the more I choose this Yes, I grow.  My heart swells.  My vision of what it means to love well in all the moments grows.  My ability to receive love and grace grows.  My view of God himself grows.  

I loved this quote from earlier on in Rhinestone Jesus:

The Kingdom of God is revealed in sacrifice and service in the small places, especially to our children.  It probably won't make the evening news or maybe even be noticed by our spouses unless we tell them, but in a quiet, obscure place, we are changing the world.  Because here's the truth we must believe: we might not be able to change the whole world, but as moms we can change one person's world.  And there is power in one.

So this is a book about saying Yes to God.  Not waiting until you feel better equipped or less of a mess. Not waiting until you can muster a strong yell of a yes, even when your yes is small, giving it to him.

I loved this blog post Kristen wrote just a couple days ago, "God doesn't need us to say Yes."  To pick out a few great parts (though I feel I should quote the whole thing to you), she writes:

But here’s the truth we must understand: GOD DOESN’T NEED US TO SAY YES.  He’s God. He created oceans and land and the world with a thought. He doesn’t depend on us to say yes. He can accomplish in a second what we labor in for years.
But He invites us to say yes.  He invites us because obedience changes us from the inside out. Saying yes causes us to depend on him because His ask is always bigger than our ability. He wants us to experience the impossible, the miracle in the mess so that He will be glorified.
So, this book.  Rhinestone Jesus.  I'm excited to finish it.  I'm excited to share it with you.  And I'm excited to grow a heart ever more willing to submit myself to a Sovereign and Mighty Lord with my Yeses.

I received an advance copy of this book, but was by no means required or compensated to write this post.  
 I'm excited for my friend and desire to promote this book.


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