Spartina 449 Giveaway

bag & wallet c/o Spartina 449 || madewell high-riser jeans || shoes: urban outfitters 
blazer c/o karen kane || necklace: loren hope || rings via Hey Rooster
photos by LMR Photos

Every so often you stumble upon a new designer and just have to bonk yourself in the forehead and wonder out loud "um? where have I been to have not known about these company?! They rock!"  And thats just how I felt when introduced to Spartina 449.  Having spent 4 years in South Carolina for college, I loved finding this SC island based brand.  You can spend a lot of time drooling over their website full of quality leather and canvas handbags and wallets.  Especially right now with all their new spring patterns.  Makes me wish I was out to eat in Hilton Head or Charleston dressed up to sip a mint julep on the patio -- cute bag in toe of course.

I was beyond thrilled to get to style a couple of pieces -- the hollecker leather bag + a snap wallet.  This bag is instant fave.  Great size for regular personal purse items, plus the "mom extras"... a diaper, paci, yaknow.  Other parts I love about this bag is that it has a removable strap, but particularly about this feature is I love how the hooks are hidden when the strap isn't in use, so it's not all like "oh snap, that girl lost her strap," and the bag looks perfectly functional both ways.  And thumbs up to the wallet too.  Sleek design snap shut and well organized on the inside to see what you need when you need it.

But don't let me steer you wrong that handbags and wallets are all Spartina 449 carry.  They've got great accessories, jewelry, and resort gear too!

The Giveaway:
One of the things I love about Spartina is that their products are so intentionally designed.  So much thought goes into each piece's creation that all the patterns have not just their own name, but their own story.  The giveaway today is for two pieces with the Quarterdeck pattern -- a scarf + tassele wristlet wallet ($80 combined value):

"Ceremonious receptions for officers and those offering respect to a ship and its captain occur on the most revered area of a sailboat, the Quarterdeck. Marked off by decorative lines and classic knotting, the Quarterdeck is traditionally known as the raised deck behind the main mast of a tall ship where the colors are also stored. Today, flags are often used to decorate maritime establishments on land to resemble the shipboard quarterdecks. The Quarterdeck pattern represents esteemed nautical designation and seafaring tradition."

So... good looking functional pieces that come with their own story/conversation starter.  So you can really dress to impress with these pieces!

Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.  Good luck!

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  1. I like the Boutique Hollecker handbag. :)

  2. I love that bag you're carrying!! I just went on their site and oh my goodness, the black and brown boutique cross-islander is GORGEOUS!

  3. I love the Hollecker bag! Your images of it are beautiful! : )

  4. the boutique cross islander in emerald! so many nice ones though!

  5. Boutique Cross-Islander and the Bayley Crossbody are two of my favorite bags!

  6. Boutique Cross-Islander is my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. love the foldover satchel! And I'm so thrilled you've met my friend Lindsy! She's a gem of a person!

  8. my favorite is the boutique cross-islander!

  9. I love that wallet! Never heard of this company before. Perhaps I should start making my Christmas list now...

  10. Love anything SC based! What a cute scarf and wallet!

  11. Ok you know what is SO weird? I have never ever heard of this brand, but my mom and dad just came back form a business trip in Savannah and she bought me a Spartina wrap bracelet as a thank you for pet-sitting her dog. Love the Boutique Hollecker!


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