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I posted the above picture on instagram last week.  I was working at home during kiddo nap time.  I have a little desk set up in the guest room.  And by little, I do mean little -- it is a children's desk.  But I love it because it is mine and has been mine since I qualified for it's size.  This particular day I asked David if he would mind making me some coffee.  He delivered it with dark chocolate crumbles and orange peel tonic water reminiscent of what my sister-in-law served us when she was a barista in Saint Louis.  I swooned at his thoughtfulness and creativity and then staged an insta-pretty pic.  Threw in some washi tape and grabbed a sketch book.  The tape sits on my little desk.  I wasn't using it.  The sketch pad isn't for sketching - I don't sketch.  I doodle some and write letters on it.  So the pic looks like a "wow working from home is a dream," but it wasn't my job that day.

I'm sorry if I fooled you with my picture.  Pretting up things some days is fun, a good break from the real tasks of the day, and a way of creating and seeing beauty.  So it wasn't meant as a guise, but a little creative outlet.  I did greatly enjoy my little coffee parlor treat.  It spurred me on to finish writing a devo for discipleship groups and do some planning for the rest of the week's events.  I was serenaded by a favorite Apple Radio station and  It was a nice productive afternoon.

This is what yesterday looked like...

And you know what?  It too was a nice productive afternoon.  A nice day.

I went to a meeting in the morning and worked at the church office for a few hours while David stayed home with M & H.  I came home to help with lunch and then continued my work from the couch sandwiched between and under the two nuggets.  I was serenaded by the sounds of PBS and post-nap melt downs as I desperately worked my way through converting email addresses for our new work server all so I could accomplish mailing just one email.  I also played "check up" no less than 10 times.  Changed a few diapers and proctored a few time outs.

Juggling hats isn't always glamorous (heck. depending on who's looking, maybe it never is).  There are plenty of frustrations and so many areas that I need lots of grace in.  Things fall through the cracks.  I forget my promises to take a turn at the dishes.  Loose my temper.  The tv stays on too long as distraction for Magnolia.  I inevitably end up writing Sunday school lessons on Saturday because I just couldn't get it done during the week.  I do what I need to do and do what I can do with lots of grace to myself and from others thrown in.  

Whenever I need reminding of God's love and design for my life, my jobs (at home and work) are always a good place for me to look.  His provision for my family and for my heart abounds.  I am beyond blessed and beyond thankful -- with the coffee parlor treats and washi tape and with my children piled high on my lap as I reach for the one hand type.


  1. i am more in love with the second photo than the first. my days look alot like that too. press on momma, we have such little time with these little ones. your love for them is making all the difference!

  2. Thank you for being so real and transparent. I love this post. I love learning how amazing people live their day to day lives. <3

  3. I think both photos are equally lovely :). I admire your creativity and authenticity!

  4. I love the creativity in that first photo SO much!


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