Favorite "Boy Band"

@moriahsunde asked on twitter "who is your favorite boy band?" -- my answer is above in a little video blog edition.  I'm not joking.  And I might have even been down playing my obsession a bit.  

So... how ya like me now?!

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  1. You just became my hero :) - Angela Dawn Ziegler

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  3. I accidentally said you were super cute from my husband's google account.... OOOPS!!!

    orginaly comment:
    meee tooo!!! ps you're super cute!!!

  4. i love you and i love this. and if you go into my parents storage unit, there is absolutely a five star first gear purple zip up binder full of stuff just like this for leonardo dicaprio. 90's fan clubs for life.

  5. I hear so much of Hanson addicts...and I'm sad to say that it must of been a little before my boy band loving time. I loved N'Sync and Backstreet Boys and still greatly enjoy (maybe too much!) when they happen to pop up on my Pandora stations. :) Love your blog by the way! I stumbled upon you through Diary of an Addict.


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