backyard palace

We are in the process of building the ultimate fort in the backyard.  So far we have the support structure, the first floor of the fort, and the swings.  Through the summer we will add the outside structure, stairs + second floor, roof, and slide.  We are all pretty pumped.  Perhaps David is the most excited.  I'm pretty sure this is the "fort of his dreams" that he has been designing since he was 8.  A son of an architect, engineering major, and kid at heart it is just time for this fort to happen.

For right now, without the walls or roof etc, we've still been finding lots of ways to enjoy it.  We string our hammock across it and play imagination games of all sorts.  Last week after breakfast on my day off we strung a power cord across the top floor beams and draped blankets and towels to make a little tent hangout.  And we hung out there ALL day.  I literally did nothing but hang in the fort.  Even when the kids took breaks for naps inside, I stayed in the fort.  Doing mostly nothing.  We watched a movie out there, ordered and ate pizza.  It was a magical relaxing day.     


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