Shark Rocket Ultralight Review

My friend Jessica, The Mom Creative, posted a review around Christmas time that made my mouth water (actually her husband @jesusneedsnewpr did the review).  Not because it was a holiday food recipe, but because it was for a vacuum that sounded like it really worked and was not a huge labor or chore to use.  After surviving months of house construction while in the last trimester of my pregnancy, I know a thing or two about the pangs of pulling out a giant vacuum in attempt (quite unsuccessfully) to keep up to speed with the dust and dirt piles.

Enter the Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright to my life.  Here's why I'm head over heels for it...

*  It's super light (weighs just 8lbs. w/ carpet attachment).  We have mostly hardwoods with a few rugs.  The rug in the kids' room is pretty high carpet and I always dreaded pushing our larger traditional vacuum over it.  It's heavy and drags and is a full arm workout.  With the Rocket, I'm not kidding.  It literally pulls itself -- self propelled.  

*  The Rocket has revealed to me how dirty my house really is.  It's sad.  But it's one of those things you really must learn, and I'm thankful the Rocket was what revealed the truth.  As soon as we got it out of the box I took it straight to the guest room.  The room that gets the least traffic and has a large area rug over the wood floor.  I thought it had been cleaned recently.  All I did was vacuum the rug and my canister was near full with dust, and dog hair, and grime, and who knows what else.  I was alarmed and in love all at once.  I apologize to any guests who have stayed in that room pre-rocket.  It is certainly a deep cleaner & cleans better than a full size Dyson vacuum (based on independent studies).

* Because the profile is so small and it doesn't have a ton of blinky lights -- it's not scary.  What?  What are you talking about?  Why is that a perk you ask?  Because look at this child, he is unaffected.  Which means we don't have to take him to a different room or wait until nap time to vacuum.  Even the dog doesn't chase it!  So, if you like having excuses not to vacuum and like to blame your dirty floors on the crying baby or barking dog, this vacuum might not be for you.  Those excuses are history.

*  My husband and I love watching Alton Brown's Good Eats.  One thing he says is to never have a kitchen tool that doesn't have more than one function.  And I'm learning that is true with my vacuum.  Because this Rocket really can do so much.  Carpets, hardwoods, furniture, overhead cleaning, dusting... it comes with all the attachments and all the maneuvering capabilities to really get the full job done.  Top to bottom.  With a lot less time and a lot less effort.

*  A feature about this vacuum that should not go unnoticed is how easy it is to clean.  From emptying the dirt receptor to cleaning the filter, to yes... even cutting out the twisted hair and thread.  Yuck.  But seriously, it has a built in groove to the spinning brush so that scissors can slide through all the way across without feeling like you are partaking in a detailed extensive surgery.  If the only reason you had to buy this vacuum was because you hate dealing with hair wads... this is the one for you!

*  We have really put this thing to the test.  Both my husband and I -- on multiple surfaces, the stairs, the car.  It is certainly husband approved (which means a lot if you know him).  Here's his quick 2cents:

This machine is really well-built. All attachments and canister openings fit so well and have satisfying "clicks" when putting them in place. The balance in hand is fantastic. There are tiny print messages in key places, reminding you to clean the filter, where to attach things, how to clean various parts, etc. These messages don't distract from the aesthetic of the vacuum, but are really helpful when you get something stuck or forget how to clean it (who likes user manuals, anyway?). The transparent dust canister sits right beside the handle, so it's easy to see when you've filled it. I love this thing. Seriously considering getting one for my studio (or stealing this one!).

buyers tip:  when you buy directly from Shark you'll get an exclusive offer -- all the attachments + bonus gift of dust away attachment with washable microfiber pad + a 5 year repair or replace warranty.  And this is not one of those times you save more by buying on Amazon or the like.  It is the same price buying directly and comes with all these extras & free shipping (so it's actually cheaper through Shark).

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Now, go clean something...

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