Today.  Seven years today.  Who could have believed on that day, my heart bursting with love and joy, that it was at all capable to love someone more.  To know even more joy.  Everyday we grow as husband and wife the capacity of my heart grows.  I love you more.  I love others more.  I love God more.  Because of you.  Happy anniversary.  

trash the dress photos from late fall 2010 (right before we became pregnant with Magnolia)


  1. Are you in the water? Those are gorgeous seven year old pictures. Congrats on your anniversary!

    1. whoops. i need to feed that. they are not from 2007! but from 2010. but yes. we are in the water. :) - only slightly cold. it was in early september i think.

  2. you kind of look like Rory Gilmore in this photos ;)
    congrats and many more!


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