Park Day

Oh Spring.  Come on.  Just a few days away.  You keep teasing us with your warm goodness and winter keeps fighting back trying to hold on...

We enjoyed a Saturday morning at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens this past weekend.  The Daffodills are blooming and soon the whole park will be full of blooms and good smells (and yes, allergies too... but worth it!) -- Magnolia wore her new outfit c/o fabkids.  She is quite obsessed.  I get a happy little giggle when she gets attached to certain pieces of clothing.  I definitely approve of this palm trees & stripes one (only $15)!

I included pictures of feeding Henry, because this is what I did that day.  I love this cover I found on etsy for nursing because it is almost imperceptible what I'm doing.  It's a fashionable print, it is super light weight, and is convertible -- as in has lots of different functions (can wear as an infinity scarf, car seat cover, ... or even a super hero cape as Magnolia has taught me).

And because I have really enjoyed the shop I found it on, Busy Spinning Thread, (and the sweet momma who runs it) -- I do want to give them a little plug.  Some great products w/ a lot more to offer than nursing covers like pocket tanks, teething jewelry, scarves...  Check out their shop.  Or find them on instagram.


  1. I love the nursing cover... it is so awkward trying to find one that looks nice is public, that is effective, cute etc... I feel like i'm nearing the end of my nursing journey for this kiddo... but I'll have to keep the shop in mind for my next babe!

  2. I was going to ask about the nursing cover. Thanks! Which stroller is that? I'm starting to keep an eye out for good double stroller deals :).

  3. She looks so cute!! And like she had fun at the park!

  4. sweet stroller. David's hair looks like it's getting longer!

  5. M is seriously looking like a full blown big kid lately! Love seeing her in big sister mode. And the nursing cover is cute!


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