come spring

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I am so ready for spring.  Ready for the trees at the duck pond to be green and not gray.  Wanting all the cold and gray of winter landscapes and winter hearts to disappear.  Icky gray.

When thinking about spring and how desperately I want it to come, I remembered this old post... as in, a post from my very first blog back in college.  2005.  Yup.  I had a different blog right when blogs were first hitting the scene... the url? -- yup. can you believe that one wasn't already taken!?  For y'all who were on the blog scene back then, remember these templates?...

Pretty funny crazy right?  And the title -- Peanut Butter, Ballons, Monkies, and Snails.  I wanted a blog title that would represent how truly random I knew my blog would be.   You can see the whole (short lived) blog here, read the rest of the "...Spring is Coming..." post here and read my "about me" page here.  Gives me a good giggle.  

But truly, every year around this time, I remember the heart of this old post and the reminder from my dad.  "Spring is coming" and it is He who will bring it.  And it is for He that I truly wait.  Preparing for an eternal weight of glory.   

Nine years later and I am humbled at the different springs God the Father has provided.  Full of beauty and new growth.  Faithful indeed.


  1. Incredible. I think you should share more of Vintage Blair. What a beautiful message.


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