stitch fix mirror selfies

Top Right to left: Under Skies Jem Denim Sleeve Utility Jacket, Ellison Olson Cotton Open Draped Plaid Shirt, Renee C Albertson Chamray Henley Blouse, close up of Draped Plaid Shirt, Just Black Armita Skinny Jean, Olive & Oak Shiloh Buffalo Check Flannel Button-Up.

More Stitch Fix guys! I failed again at sharing this fix in a timely manner so that I could get y'all's help deciding what to keep -- this is from right before Christmas, but I loved this fix so much I still wanted to share.  I requested "Plaid Plaid and more Plaid" for this fix along with some other transitional friendly items as I breastfeed and as my body shape/size changes back towards non-pregnancy status.

What I kept:  The emerald jeans and the pinkish gray plaid button down were my no brainers.  I love them both and are both great fits.  I wear them each probably once a day.  I also kept the drape front plaid shirt.  I was on the fence with this one... because, who has ever seen a drape front flannel shirt?  Not me... but in the end, that is why I love it.  The colors are great and I love that I can really dress up this flannel shirt!

Sent back:  I sent back the jacket, but not because I didn't love it.  I just already have something similar.  But it made me super happy that they sent this to me, because it just really shows off how much they have learned my style likes and wants.  I also sent back the chambray blouse -- I'm just not a super fan of shirts that only button halfway down.  Just this thing I have I guess.

I've gotten some questions about how to request items in your stitch fix and what kind of things are asked in the style profile, so I thought a few screen shots might be helpful for those who are not signed up yet and are wondering what to expect -- these are the notes I've put in for my next fix:

These are just a few of the several good questions that the style profile asks to help direct them in making the right choices for you.  There are others about sizes, modesty level, price preference, as well as a section where they show you an outfit and you rate it on how much you  enjoy that particular style.

How to get free clothes from Stitch Fix: I won't keep it a secret - you get $25 stitch fix credit for every person who orders their first fix under your referral code (so yes, there is something in it for me if you sign up), but I tell you this because you can go ahead and sign up, which costs nothing, and start earning referrals before you even order your first fix, which could equal free clothes for you!  It costs $20 to schedule a fix, but that $20 goes towards whatever you want to keep...

Ready to try? Here's my code (wink wink):  Sign me up.