silk and high tops

silk top & wishbone bracelet: popbasic "Sunday" collection
jeans: madewell high riser // necklace: destiny ray
steve madden sneakers c/o

I'm fairly sure there is probably some rule against wearing silk and sneakers and (I'm also fairly sure these jeans don't fit yet -- they may or may not be unbuttoned)... but ya know what, I'm gonna do what I want & not just that, I'm gonna give you permission to do the same.  Who cares about rules.  Let's wear what we like with confidence -- besides that's all it takes to start any trend, one person wearing something with the "yea, darn tootin' I'm wearing this and proud of it" type of attitude.  It's confidence that is contagious and trendsetting.  Not the clothes.  

I've never wanted to cook pancakes while wearing a beautiful quality silk shirt more in my life.  Check out the Sunday Collection video to find out what I'm talking about.  
And the shoes...


  1. in love w/ your outfit and high tops!! i don't even own a pair, am i a fashion blogger?? eeks!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. i love this outfit actually. and i've totally been wanting to get those jeans, just haven't made it to the store to try them on.
    also i'm loving your hair.

  3. you are rockin' that outfit!
    Stopping by from The Pleated Poppy...



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