Monday Roundup

This Kid President Video -- letter to someone on their first day of life.

Sew Caroline launched her #outandabout dress pattern. (just wish I knew how to sew)

Wish I had known about the IFGathering before I saw it on Instagram this weekend.

One of the more interesting articles about P.S.H.

This giveaway as part of Hello Hue's Instagram series.

A chance to go to AFRICA with Annie & Mocha club for just $25

I want overalls.

Rouge & Whimsy re-Opened her shop!

Jami Nato's new kitchen remodel.

I finally joined amazon prime.

I've been living in this gray sweatshirt (above) -- waking and sleeping.

Today's the day!  Moriah re-luanched her blog Moriah Sunde. AND Kara Kae launched her design shop!


  1. i want overalls too.

    real life confersation with my husband.
    him: "are overalls in?"
    me: "yes."
    him "i thought so. i saw a girl wearing them at church"
    me "What did you think of them?"
    him: "well i dont like it... but i guess maybe i'll get used to it."
    me: "do you want me to get overalls."
    him: "not really. but maybe i'd be ok with it."

    ha. poor husbands & style bloggers.

  2. haha! ohmygoodness!! I remember when I was younger (middle school) I used to wear a pair of overalls all. the. time. It was in my weekly rotation of outfits!! Ah, it's nice to know that these things come back into style! ;)
    PS I LOVE your new blog layout!! It is so pretty!!! xo

  3. I just posted on overalls and personal style earlier this week. Stop by your local thrift and check it out for a pair


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