Did you know?

glasses: David Kind
blouse: Karen Kane c/o
shoes: steve madden

I am one minute older than my (fraternal) twin sister.

In middle school I had two Leopard Geckos named Lucy & Ethel.

I used to play the tuba.

I cried watching the Truman show.

I can sing the rap from TLC's 90's hit "Waterfalls."

I received a phone call from the White House during the Bill Clinton administration because of a fiery email I wrote the president about the environment and ignoring my previous letter.

I save worms from the sidewalk after a rain.

I spent two weeks in college touring Vietnam.

I used to send letters and home videos to MTV and The Rosie O'Donald show begging them to help me meet Hanson.

I'm a few months older than my husband.

I've never been snow skiing.

I took point (ballet) from an old Russian woman in the basement of a restaurant, but quit after firth grade.

I spent a year serving as an Americorps member.

I'm pretty stellar at Settlers of Catan.

... just a few things I bet you didn't know.


  1. I want to go to Vietnam! I am jealous!

  2. Ahhh I love Vietnam, such an incredible place:) When my husband lived in Indonesia, I went to go visit him, and it was the ONE MONTH that I am older than him, and he loved to tell people that! (as they freaked out by the fact that he wasn't older than me, haha!). Just found your blog, love it:) xoxo Katie

  3. As if I didn't already like you enough. Tuba?! That's amazing. Fellow band nerd over here, former saxophone player.

  4. Now I really want to know what you emailed the president! What did you do during your year in Americorps?

  5. Truman Show is one of my favorites! And can I request a vlog featuring your TLC rap? That just might make my day.

  6. didn't know these things. makes you even more awesome than I already knew you were. i love you so!

  7. You have some pretty awesome stats! So fun. Umm, I know this wasn't one there... but where did you get those tree trunks on your wall? So amazing. I want some! ~Tammy http://wildruffle.com


    Yeah. We're kindreds.

  9. I love this post! I was also obsessed with Hanson (Zach was my dream guy)



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