and a half

My sweet little love Magnolia had her half birthday a couple says ago.  Besides sharing her suckers with the dog, carrying around a bag of goldfish, and wearing super cute clothes from fabkids, here's what she's up to & in to:

Loves: Building castles with her blocks, dressing up, toy story, raisins (she still called them "eattahs"), playing on the iPad (which she calls the "pie pad"), dancing, playing doc and giving check ups to everyone and everything, play dough, going to the park, playing with her dolls, playing pretend, dancing,...

Gets in Trouble: she tries to sneak and pull a chair up to the counter so she can help herself to snacks, pretending she can't hear us, points her finger at us and tells us "no mommy! no daddy!", playing in the utility room,...

dislikes: having the sun or water in her eyes, macaroni & cheese, 

Learning: She can read and recognize almost every letter of the alphabet, nearly fully potty trained, Bible stories, full verses to favorite songs, lots and lots of new words and concepts that I have no idea where she learns,...

M's Oufit is c/o fabkids. They sell full outfits for $29.95 -- this one included sweater, skirt, and tights (although, these weren't the specific tights they came with).  
this is huge -- your first outfit is FREE! don't be confused when they ask you to "sign up."  Signing up doesn't cost anything and has absolutely no obligation to purchase a thing (doesn't require any payment info).  So what are you waiting for? go get your little guy or gal a free outfit!!


  1. She doesn't like macaroni and cheese? Blair, I'm a little concerned.

    Just kidding. Her adorableness clearly makes up for her food choices.

  2. I have a little that doesn't like mac and cheese too. strange right!? I tell him I will never understand, and that I don't mind eating his portion;)


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