Some things of note

Outfit details: Dress: c/o Popbasic // Jacket: Urban Outfitters // Necklace: Destiny Ray // boots: // watch: fossil

Earlier this fall we bought a membership to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. Magnolia loves this place. She likes flowers okay, but she is more in love with the large outdoor train track that Thomas and friends chug along on. We were a bit nervous to go right before Christmas because we thought it would be to crazy crowded, but the promise of live reindeer and time with good friends drew us in. Not to mention that although it was a bit wet, it was a balmy nearly 80 degrees out! 

Some things of note in these pictures: 

1. M's pigtails. This is a rare occurrence. She has started to tolerate and even ask for them sometimes, but when she does you have about 30 seconds to act on her request before she forgets that she ever uttered such a demand.  So, what you get in your rush to give her girly hair is what you get.  But graggidy birds nest or smooth and flawless, I just love this little munchkin in piggies.
2. M's dress.  It was mine.  I'm in love with it. 
3. M's scrape.  She ran into an open door.  Saddest thing.  And just as that was starting to heal, the day after these pictures, she had a tumble in nursery and badly bruised the same cheek.  She looks like a cage fighter.
4.  I've got a new favorite necklace.  You'll probably be seeing it a lot.  A sweet friend made it for me & you can check out more of her jewelry here: destiny ray.
5. My dress is reversible.  As in, you can wear the bow side in the front or in the back.  Super fun to be able to switch it up.  It is like having two dresses in one.  The dress is part of the Melodie Collection from Popbasic.  Get the collection (this dress + some awesome earrings) for $10 off by using this link.  The collection - so both the dress & earrings together - is usually $56, but Wild and Precious blog readers can get it for $46!  Steal of a deal.


  1. It was your dress??!! How incredible! It is so lovely.

    1. my mom was SO good about saving awesome clothes.. and toys and such too. perhaps too good??

  2. Both of you looked absolutely adorable! Love love love everything about this post!

    1. i have some pictures of the boys and your fam.. need to send them your way!


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