Bucket Lists & Fiestas

Remember this bucket list from a couple weeks ago? 4 little ways to spread holiday cheer? I crossed them all of my list.  Did I spread cheer?  I hope so.  But what I've learned from these little actions, is that it brings cheer to your own heart.

First of all, something that made these tiny adventures so fun was that I got to ride around town in a Ford Fiesta from Two Rivers Ford.  A great little car with lots of character and charm.  I've partnered with the #fordfiestamovement over the last 4 months for several different posts on here (here's one of the posts. and another one) so it was great to actually get behind the wheel.

I got the car all packed up.  I already gave Lewis, our postal service delivery person a little fun surprise.  I wish I had gotten a picture with him.  He has only been delivering to our house for a couple months and he just awesome.  Kind, attentive, patient, and dependable.  I am always sitting in the front door when he comes, so it is fun and go out and say hi.  I could tell getting a gift wasn't expected.  Loved his smile when he got it!

On to the rest of the list... I packed up the Ford Fiesta for the rest of my mini holiday bucket list adventures.  Some bags for Goodwill, an anonymous gift for a neighbor, and a mickeydees card for paying it backwards.

I had some help from a couple little Christmas elves...

After my stop at Goodwill I got a bit nervous heading to McDonalds.  I think I was just super excited.  I wanted to make sure there was actually someone behind me and was hoping for someone super awesome at the window.  Scored on both accounts.  

I got to spy a bit through the rear view window when my Christmas elf told him his meal was covered.  He shook his head "say whhhhat?" And then looked like he was asked her two or three times if she was serious.  It was so fun.  If anyone is looking for a natural high, pay for the person behind you in drive through.  It is so fun because the person is totally random -- you don't pick them on any merit or qualification, just simply because they are behind you and you can.  My waitress sure got a kick out of it too which made it more fun.  I posted this little (very silly cheese ball) video on instagram of me "Paying it Backwards:"

With the caffeine and thrill high I had from Paying it Backwards I was all psyched up to make one last stop.  There is a house less than a mile from my own who instead of Christmas lights, always puts up a Cross.  The last year or so he also puts out a cattle stall with hay.  When you drive by at night he has lights shinning on them.  I always have loved them and have always wanted to send them a little note to tell them so.

I debated on whether or not to be anonymous.  I have never seen or met the people who live in this house and it could have been a really great time to introduce myself.  But I decided being covert would be fun and to leave them a little note & gift on their doorstep.  I scouted out the best place to park, looked to see if anyone was around the house, jumped out, ran to the door step, left my little token of appreciation, and started running back to the car...

Thats when a man, probably late 50's who I had seen walking down the street says out loud to me "secret santa?" I turn my head, still in motion back to the car, and reply "yes" while drawing a finger to my mouth signaling to him not to tell anyone.  And then "wait." I thought to myself.  "Do you live there?" I ask...

Oops.  Busted!!  But, it was so fun being busted.  I got to tell him myself why I was leaving him a thank you.  We introduced ourselves.  Talked about our churches.  An the reason he was out walking?  He was delivering little gifts to all the neighbors on his little street.  He gave me one too!

I can't tell you all how fun it was to do this and how much it lifted my spirits.  What started out as an idea to spread a little cheer and do a fun blog post turned into something so much more for me.  I came home so energized and so full of the Christmas spirit.  And not just the ornaments, candy canes, and egg nog kind of spirit, but the true goodwill towards men out of the gratitude of the gift of Christ himself kind of spirit.

Conclusion?  These kind of things shouldn't be saved for bucket lists.  They should be part of our daily living lists.

Earlier this year, Ford partnered with 100 creative personalities on YouTube to test drive a brand new Ford Fiesta for an entire year. Each month, these YouTube “Agents” (as seen in this video) are tasked to complete a creative mission, capturing the experience on camera and posting it on their YouTube channels.  This post was sponsored & inspired by the Ford Fiesta Movement, but all opinions and stylings are my own.  

I was given the  Ford Fiesta to test drive for a week from Two Rivers Ford right outside of Nashville.  (Locals: Want to check out one for yourself? Ask for Brandon!)   I've enjoyed cruising this car around town while I run lots of last minute errands and attend different Christmas vacation  events with my youth kids.  My favorite features about the car are the navigation (much more helpful and user friendly than  iPhone  navigation) and  the blindspot mirrors.  I also like using voice control to make calls and the keyless entry.  I literally have not lost my keys once (a huge feat for me) since I can just leave the key in my purse.  This car is perfect for the person on the go.  I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to try it out.


  1. Well done! I've been planning to leave something for the mail carrier too...tomorrow will be my last chance. oy!


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