where my jelly go?

When I was in the hospital delivering Magnolia I was brought a gift from my mother-in-law's friend (Hi KE!), a Jellycat Bashfull Bunny.  I cuddled with it while I waited on my little one not knowing this would be THE toy of my daughter's childhood.  Her "transitional object."  Her go-to cry buddy.  It's name is Jelly.  He (she?) goes where she goes.  He helps calm storms and makes new places feel a bit more like home.  I'm thankful for this little stuffed animal.  She loves it so!  Little brother had one in the delivery room too - a bear!  We also have a few other animals in our herd, but none quite compare to Jelly the original.  (This is not sponsored post -- I just super love these stuffed animals.)

I debated including the picture of M crying.  I don't want to embarrass her.  But I decided that I want her to know that if she reads this when she is older that there are no shame in tears.  I also want memory of more than just the happy posed smiles.  Real life.  Tears included.  Especially when they are shared with a stuffed bunny that she loves so much!  I also love this picture because it reminds me of my favorite stuffed toy when I was her age.  Oh! How I would chew on Ernie's nose during my most urgent of cry fests!

M's Outfit c/o FabKids


  1. Your precious friend. This is so sweet.

  2. I whipped right over to amazon to order one for our baby girl that will arrive in the next 5ish weeks. How cute!

  3. The crying pictures are just the cutest and those are important memories too. Glad you included it.

    Simeon has the fox Jellycat and a corduroy dog. We LOVE that company!


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