Meet Jami // Hello from the Natos

if y'all haven't met/read Jami's blog yet, you're in for a treat!  I loved getting to meet Jami and hear her speak last year at influence conference.  some certainly challenging and encouraging words about love life and marriage and above all the incredible grace and power of our Savior.  she blogs about these things -- including her too-cute-for-words kids as well as some photography and shopping deals.  also: disclaimer, I stole these pictures from her blog.. cause she didn't send me any with her guest post (because she is much less vain then I) and I wanted to show you how sweet and cute the jatos are!  -B


we often talk about our broken marriage and how God saved us from ourselves. the affairs. the hurts. the betrayal. he took something ugly and redeemed it.

we will not shut up about it.

it's probably how the isrealites felt when the crossed the red sea. it's probably how the blind man felt when his sight was restored. it's probably how those 500 felt when we they knew Jesus had died, but them saw him raised from the dead. many of us read those stories over and over again in the bible, but it becomes different when you experience it yourselves.

so we will never stop talking about the miracle God did for us. we want to go around shaking people saying, God is real and He is alive and still working!  this video was made by our very good friends, erica and jeff, who happened to be uhhhh-mazing videographers. when i call them that, it sounds weird and cheesy. but when you see it, you'll agree that they've captured our story in an amazing way, using their talents to glorify Christ and tell what He has done. this video is something i consider and heirloom, i want the kids to watch it when they're older and i want them to let their kids watch it and their grandkids watch it.

we will not hide our sin or hide the miracle God has done in our family. in fact, if our kids see us as perfect, we have done a terrible job pointing them to the cross. Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners. mark 2:17 i want my kids to know that they are sick and we are sick and everyone is sick. i don't want them to hide in their sin. i pray they'll see that there is freedom in losing their name and reputation to make God's name and reputation big. 

all that to say, God has been very kind to us. we are underserving to carry this story but we do, because God uses very broken people to tell His incredible story.

and P.S. i'm wearing a turtleneck in the video which made me laugh really hard.


you can read more about this video and our story on our church's blog