I am a Winter

I remember sitting in Lindy P's basement as a third grader.  Our whole girl scout group was down there.  We were working towards a fashion badge of some sort I believe and we had a guest speaker (who, I don't remember).  I do remember that she had a color wheel that we all held up to our faces so we could figure out what "season" we were.  

I remember holding up the army green part of the wheel under my chin.  "Yes, you are a WINTER!" I was told.  Winter and fall.  

And I am a winter if you want to be all technical.  And I do like those warm and deep colors.  But I remember even then feeling so boxed in.  Could I never wear anything else?  Did that mean that I couldn't wear chartreuse or yellow or please don't tell my 9-year-old self that hot pink was out of the question.

Thats when I knew fashion rules were lame.  LAME.

Yes, I follow some I'm sure, but never for the pure sake of following... only by natural desire.  I do however really like army green.  I have a good bit of it and other "winter" colors in my closet.  I wonder if it is because of that color wheel rule that was forced on me?  This is me vowing to myself that I will never (hopefully ever) tell a little girl, girl scout trying to earn a badge or not, what colors she should wear.  Because everyone should be able to feel confident in yellow (it took me a while before I felt like I wasn't sinning against fashion and my skin tone for wearing other season colors).

So now here's the thing -- I like bold and bright and I don't tend to care if it make my skin an icky shade of pale instead of a pristine shade of snow.  And if you care... well, I'll let you deal with that yourself.  

army green hat: world market (similar @ brickyard buffalo)
army green cords: Kut from the same Kloth (via stitch fix)
army green t c/o conversation pieces
statement ring c/o karen london
necklace: loren hope


  1. I kind of wish I knew what "season" I was, in order to give myself a framework to start creating a more intentional wardrobe. But, I also see your point... Just wearing what you love and not worrying about the "rules". I generally tend to stick with darker colors, too. And even though I get told all the time that I should wear more color, I just find that I'm more comfortable in darker/neutral colors. So maybe I shouldn't worry about adding color unless I just want to...

  2. girl. I don't know what color I am. though I tend to be on the cooler side so that would probably be winter too right!? but im with you. all caution to the wind. bring on the layers and colors and prints. I am all about winter because of layers not colors;)


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