Go Go Gadget Jetson Stroller

If Inspector Gadget married the Jetson girl and they had a baby this would be the stroller for them - the Origami from 4Moms!  It's so futuristically cool, I'll introduce you with a fun little video:

((This video is just a little peek of this stroller.  If you want to see a full length video review of all the features and specs check out this youtube video from baby gizmo.)) 

This stroller is one of those things you see in the store or online and your jaw just drops a bit!  You simultaneously think "It's about time!" and "How is this possible!?"  Truly, this stroller has a whole lot of awesomeness that is missing from all other stroller lines.  In the technology ruled life we live, why shouldn't you be able to collapse your stroller with a twist and push?  And why shouldn't you be able to charge your phone? Am I right?  

I was super excited to have the opportunity to test out this stroller for myself.  From the moment I took it out of the box I have been impressed.  Sleek design from the foot rest to the reflective pipping.    Lots of storage without being overwhelming. Sturdy wheels for outdoor or indoor use that pivot and turn with ease.  I've taken it to the mall.  On power walks around the block.  Down town over brick paved roads.  Used it with my 30 lb. toddler and my 13 lb. infant.  I wish I could be inside of the brains that created it (see more of what these creative minds have come up with).  It is the rockstar of strollers.

Here is the quick glance breakdown of info:

What I love:
* Power-folding open/collapse and automatic lock.  Simple and quick.  
* One push break.
* Lots of pockets for both baby and momma for drinks and necessities.  
* Charges itself.
* Front lights.
* Large sun shade with window on top to see your child.
* Material wipes clean easily. 

Fun Features:
* LCD monitor that keeps up with your pace, outdoor temperature, time and more.
* Can charge you cell phone or other usb connecting device.

* 5 point padded harness. 
* Can be locked on and off to keep toddlers from opening/closing.
* Sensors keep stroller from collapsing when child is present even when button is pushed.
* 4 Wheel suspension.
* Reflective pipping.
* The lights!

Other considerations when purchasing:
* Handle bars are at a fixed height and are not adjustable.
* Weighs 32 lbs. in toddler mode.
* Seat reclines only minimally.
* Not suggested to hang diaper bag on.

The biggest complaint I have heard about the stroller has been that it is on the heavy side for strollers.  And it is heavier than some, but I'm willing to overlook it because here is why -- with the power-fold it takes less effort (and sweat) to unload my child and lift it into my trunk, even with the extra lbs. It's a decent trade off.

A note on the carseat adapter -- It is the best adapter I have tested.  When the carseat is locked in, it actually feels locked both in the front and back areas.  With my jogger adapter it feels like it just sits on top and locks in the front leaving me what would happen if the front wheel hit a big rock!  The adapter is one of my favorite aspects of the stroller and makes it truly adaptable to any situation.   Now I just wish my carseat was as pretty to look at as the rest of the stroller.

In regards to toddlers (this stroller is great up to 40lbs) On of the hardest things about this stroller for me is talking my toddler into letting me use it for our newborn.  She always wants me to use it for her instead.  We've had a few fits over putting her in something else or asking her just to walk so we could use it with the carseat.  She thinks it is the coolest thing.  I think she loves being up high.  She's hiding her cups and trinkets in the inside pockets along the seat.

Overall I think this is a great stroller.  It gets the job done.  It's innovative.  Easy to maneuver.  Not an eyesore. Easy to clean.  And is downright fun.  It does come at a high price point (over $800), but if you are someone who loves having the latest in technology and gear and value not only innovation and aesthetic, but also reliability and safety, this stroller is worth the investment.

other great links & reviews about the origami

stroller was provided for purpose of review by 4moms however all opinions are my own and cannot be bought. 
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  1. Wow. Strollers have really improved since I last used one. I'm nervous to start a family because there are SO many great products out there - how do you know which ones are necessary and which ones are fluff!?
    New follower - Whit from Raspy Wit

  2. This thing is amazing!!!!! Ease is what I'm all about with kids, and this looks so easy and super convenient. LOVE that you can charge a phone too- super useful. Also checked out the website- the Breeze looks amazing- I wonder if you could review that too? The pack and play is the bane of my existence as a mother, but definitely a necessity, especially with subsequent children.

  3. Ummm this looks awesome. A phone charger? Yes please.

  4. Wow I didn't know such a stroller existed! Thank you for doing such a great review and opening my eyes to what else is out there. I'm a new mom myself and am looking forward to checking out more about this! Will definitely share with my friends!

  5. Wow, I'm blown away. This is the coolest stroller ever!!!!!! Sign me up for one!! :) Thanks for sharing this great review, I can't wait to go look at one myself!

  6. Oh wow. This is pretty much awesome. Love this review!! I'll take one ;)

  7. You had me at phone charger. And lights! Brilliant. Thanks for the great review. Excited to share this with some expectant mamas I know.


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