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This is my super cute bloggy + real life friend Meghan (  And thats my shirt and my skirt.  You see, something I've always stood firm in is the necessity of the accessibility of other people's closets!  Just ask my best friend's roommate from freshman year of college.  I'd sneak in the room before an 8am class to find something new to wear.  Or ask my bestie from small group whose clothes filled my suitcase for my vacation to NYC.  I like to share closets!

Meghan is wearing one of my most favorite new lace skirts from Conversation Pieces.  As soon as it was added to the shop I had to have it.  Now, my post-pregnancy body isn't quite ready for it, but I wanted to scoop it up anyway and in the meantime... Meghan is super cute in it!  I love how she styled it with on old flannel favorite of mine and her own tee, tights, and boots.  Comfy chic!

Sharing closets is a great way to revamp your style without shelling out the extra dough.  It's also a great way to "test drive" styles that you have been considering, but don't yet have the wardrobe to support.  I'm all for it!  What about you?  Do you share closets?

Meghan's Outfit Details
(my) skirt c/o Conversation Pieces
(my) shirt: old, Forever 21
belt: Tweeds, thrifted
tee: j.crew outlet
boots: indigo boots (from frenchies)


  1. Love the contrast of the softness of the lace against the plaid- cute! Alex

  2. So cute! I love it, my style tends more classic and i always wish I could pull off this romantic sort of look. Also, WANT THOSE BOOTS

  3. I love this! I'm with KA - I totally could not pull this look off, but love, love, love it!

  4. Loving the gray tights with brown boots! :)


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