Meet Jessica // Swish & Swoon

Hi! My name is Jessica (Swish & Swoon), I am a hunter and gatherer of amazing deals (here is one of my latest deals from Anthropologie) on a real life budget. I'm a wife to a good man and a stay at home mama to two darlings. I yearn for a life made up of bare feet running through tall grass, sheets drying in the breeze, twinkle lights in the backyard, lovely music without any words, hearty conversation and a lot of giggling. 

I've been racking my brain to come up with an amazing guest post that will really knock your socks off. And I got to thinking about how my life feels pretty ordinary. I have my fair share of days where I feel busy but bored, tired but restless. And an ordinary life can sometimes feel like I'm living a life without significance. 

Any other mamas out there that can relate? 

 But can I just say that is a lie? A lie that we tell ourselves. 

So often we miss what's truly important because we're on the quest for the extraordinary. Not understanding the ordinary moments of our lives is really where we can find the most joy and purpose, beauty and meaning. Because this is where life happens. 

Lately I've had to dig deep to see beautiful things. 

The other day I was sitting in my living room and noticed a perfectly placed tiny hand print on my white wall. And I promptly took a picture and put it on Instagram. Because it was so symbolic of my life right now. And it was strangely beautiful to me because it was reminder of my little girl who was sleeping upstairs. I started thinking about my life in terms of this hand print. I began wondering: Are these "hand prints" everywhere? Am I missing them? Or maybe I see them but fail to see the beauty in them?

I've begun to view life through this "hidden hand print" lens. Since spending time thinking about this hand print, I can tell you - they are everywhere! (Literally, haha!) I've made it my mission to see these beautiful moments that no one else notices. And can I just say it has been a lot of fun!? It just takes a little change of perspective. And hey, if you have a camera or an iphone laying around then bonus! Snap a picture or two and share it with the world.

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