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Oh, October!  The world is very rightly obsessed with you.  Thank you for your crispy yumminess.  

We recently got a membership at the botanical gardens.  M loves it (even more than the zoo?) because of a big outdoor train set they have which includes Thomas & Percy.  She is literally obsessed.  Though has only seen the show a handful of times.  

I got my first Stitch Fix since having H this weekend.  Obsessed already with my new army green cords they sent (wearing in pics above).  Already signed up for another box next month.  And since I haven't said it recently... if you aren't signed up, it's time!  

Two weeks left of maternity leave.  So so thankful for this time I have had to rest and well... figure things out.  Every day I feel a little more confident a little wiser and a little less tired... (the last one is perhaps a hopeful exaggeration... i'm still pretty tired).  

Official favorite hobby/sport/subject:



  1. adorable photos! is this baby's first outing? too cute

  2. I love October + all things pumpkin too! So glad you're making the most of maternity leave ended last week (sigh).

  3. oh...praying those 2 weeks go by ever so slowly!

  4. Ah! Enjoy these two weeks! Lovely photos. I linked up!

  5. Such adorable pics ;) Love this link up!

  6. Cute photos! October is such a beautiful time of year :) Glad you've been enjoying your time, the little one is so dear!

  7. What a fun outing. Gorgeous pics. I want to look into stitch fix after this pregnancy. green cords sound right up my alley. love the official favorite hobby. cuddling. that is perfect.


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