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Sometimes you think you are just going to visit a wood working shop to hopefully find some inspiration for a project... and you accidentally (most happily) find an adventure instead.  We had no idea that we would land in such a secret nestled in Brentwood, Tennessee.  We googled saw mill, got in the car, and arrived at this dreamland stocked with sheep, goats, bees, chickens, bunnies, and a donkey named Babe.  And yes, we even found what we had gone looking for.  

David and I have become quite obsessed with wood.  I've secretly always wanted to work with it.  I even tried to sign up for wood shop in high school.  Sadly (and quite unjustly I might add), I was not permitted to take it since I was on the "college route."  It instead, was saved for those who were headed straight to blue collar jobs?  Awful.  I know.

Anywho, this "saw mill" was overflowing with possibility.  I really truly could not contain my wonder.  It felt Narnian quite frankly.  It made me want to live in a piece of wood, eat wood, cry wood, be wood.  And with the animals it felt as if the desires of my childhood were flooding in on me all at once demanding me not to forget them.  

And my husband.  Oh man.  He is a tinkerer.  A creator.  His mind was spinning ten thousand miles a minute.  I could see it. Talking with Paul, the owner, I knew he felt affirmation in his calling.  Paul and David might both work with different mediums, but they are nonetheless the same -- two men, using the love put in their hearts by a masterful creator.  

And then don't get me started on Magnolia.  Oh! The overspill of my heart.  I could see her desperately trying to take it in.  All the animals were calling out to her if by name.  She looked left and looked right and all around begging all of the scene to come hither.  To be hers forever.  

It was one of the most happy accidental adventures I have known.

Let's do it again.

p.s. All photo were taken & edited (using vscocam) on my iphone 5.


  1. I feel like you guys belong there. How wonderful. Go and build, woman!

    And I linked up!!!

  2. Blair, Beautiful photos!! Looks like an absolutely beautiful time. Linked up :)

  3. WHAT??!!?? Where in brentwood was this place? i have to take my david.. and myself. It looks awesome. Was he selling the wood?!

  4. Love your pictures and that horse is beautiful...especially, love the one of the horse with Magnolia! :) Got to love happy, accidental adventures...I was just one on my own, and it was lovely! :)

  5. wow! how beautiful! we were at the farm this weekend too, we love that place

  6. Love the pic of your little one with the horse! So sweet! I showed my husband and he said, "let's have kids." haha



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