Timi & Leslie Canvas Line // Diaper Bag Review

I got my very first diaper bag as a gift from Target when M was born.  It was one that I registered for and it was great.  Super cute and functional and big enough... for a time.  Apparently we are tough on diaper bags.  The handles (made of pleather) quickly started cracking & pealing, the "easy wipe off" surfaces didn't take long to be stained and just ick, and size was just not cutting it.  For a first diaper bag, it was okay.  It would have been great as a secondary bag.  Or maybe one that was just kept at grandma's for the occasional use.  But for a family on the go, it did not/will not cut it.  Especially with the welcoming of baby #2.  

Enter Timi & Leslie.  I knew when I found out that I was expecting baby #2 that I couldn't pretend to be happy with my current bag anymore.  I began researching.  Spending lots of time online going through the mommy blogs and forums -- looking for something durable, smart, easy on the eye, big enough, and cost friendly. And then the curtains were pulled back and I found at last what I was looking for...

I was so excited to have the opportunity to partner with this great brand.  They have several different lines of bags ranging from super stylish "you'd never know there is a diaper and bottle of milk in there" weekender bags (see pic above) to the canvas collection that I fell in love with.

I opted for the backpack version (2-in-1 Sami Backpack).  I was given some advice from several momma's of multiples:  "Get a backpack! That way when you throw it on your back your hands are free to hold the little baby and hold your older one's hand without the bag hitting her in the head as you walk."

um... great point!

I thought about waiting until the actual arrival of baby #2 to arrive before breaking this bag out, but I just couldn't wait.  I was too excited.  It has the perfect amount of pockets.  All the linings are waterproof.  The dividers are useful and made for efficiency.  I love the key fob connection right at top (huge pet peeve is digging for keys when trying to get baby(ies) in the car).  The straps are padded and comfortable (can be worn as backpack or messenger bag).

Another perk is I love that it has two large insulated bottle holders on each side -- tall enough to cover  and insulate the complete bottle.  They are big enough for adult water bottles so no one goes thirsty. 

This bag comes with a changing pad which folds together nicely and, again, a bonus -- has a mesh pocket to hold diaper and wipes.  So if you are out to eat you can just grab this really quick and leave the bag at the table.  Also making life easier are the stroller straps it comes with.  They are not attached to the bag and you don't have to convert any of the handles, so it makes things easy when doing the "stroller dance."  

I absolutely love this bag.  I love the well organized pockets, the water proof-ness (I don't have to worry about the spare jumper getting wet from the bottle condensation), my snacks don't have to share a pocket with the diaper cream.  And it I love how it looks and how it holds up.  Today when I took M to the office with me, I even put my computer in there!  It can do it all!

phew... didn't realize I had that much to say.  But I'm just loving it.  Well worth the $70 (or find it discounted on amazon) and I don't plan on needing another bag for however long I remain in the "diaper business."  Keep your eye out... this won't be the last you see of our family and this bag -- I might even give it a name!

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*i was provided a bag by timi and leslie for review, but all opinions are my own
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  1. beautiful blog! so glad that you have enjoyed using it!

  2. When I used to teach...and I switched grade levels (from 2nd to kindergarten), I bought myself a Petunia Pickle bottom diaper bag backpack as a "teacher bag" / present to myself b/c moving grade levels was so stressful...heehee! While I do love it for travel (we don't have kids)...I can't imagine paying that much for another one when we have kids. I love the lower price of these Timi & Leslie bags and they're so adorable, too! Will definitely keep that in mind when we do have a baby!

  3. Hey, cutie. That's a big belly you got there.

  4. You are the cutest!

    Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx

  5. AWWW SO cute pics in here:)your blog Is fab and Im now followoing.

    Check out my blog...Swedish dream house inspiration:)

    Have a great weekend dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)


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