Seeking Adventure

| above pic is a blurry selfie atop Dock Butte of Mt. Baker in Washington state from summer 2009 |

One of my favorite things about blogging is that there are always fun things to participate in - to meet new people, network with companies, increase your skills, and just socialize with others who share common interests.  Blogging = fun!  There is always something crazy cool going on. 

Earlier this year, Ford partnered with 100 creative personalities on YouTube to test drive a brand new Ford Fiesta for an entire year. Each month, these YouTube “Agents” are tasked to complete a creative mission, capturing the experience on camera and posting it on their YouTube channels and

I'm really excited to be a participating collaborator (no, i'm not one of the 100 w/ the car) with the the Ford Fiesta Movement.  Over the next four months I'll be given a mission in advance of a post/activity to complete.  This month's mission is "adventure"!  I am to seek out my own adventure, put my own spin on the theme, and share it with you here.

Since I'm stepping into the brand new realm of motherhood of two, I foresee lots of new adventure opportunities in my near future, but I'm open to ideas!  Check out what the Ford crew chose for their adventures HERE (everything from spicy food eating to sky diving) & tell me...

What adventure should I seek -- something related to motherhood? My neighborhood? The kitchen or a even a diy?  Give me your ideas for my mission -or- leave me a note below about your own adventures!

Look for my "mission complete" post later this month!

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This is a sponsored post and I was compensated for my participation. The opinions expressed are my own.