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Welp, if I thought last week that I could put on a rally cap and take pictures these last few days, well... now wasn't that silly?

Here's what this last week looked like though: lots of thankfulness!  Now, maybe if you looked in, you might have seen a grumpy slow moving super pregnant lady with swollen feet groaning and moaning and complaining way too much, Buuuut... I promise you, it was thankfulness you saw.  

I am so thankful for all the goodness in my life.  For my sweet little girl -- talkative and sweet and pushing her limits as she discovers who she is.  For my husband who has been covered in paint, saw dust, and smells like hard work and polyurethane who is working 16 hour days to get us moved into the addition before baby H arrives and yet is still at my side in two seconds notice to help make these last couple weeks comfortable for me.  For my sweet friends and my family who have loved on us and taken care of so well.  My heart (very much like my swollen feet) could just explode with thankfulness!!!  Life is good.  


  1. Being pregnant in the summer is pretty darn uncomfortable! I'm so glad you're in the home stretch!

    I love M's polka dot leggings :)

  2. So great to be linking up with you for the first time, Blairita! ^_^

  3. Oh girl pregnant during the summer a had a couple of those! It's tough! Hang in there your almost done!

  4. your girl is so beautiful! Have really enjoyed this link-up! thanks so much for hosting it!

  5. Prayers your baby comes healthy, happy, and SOON. Love to you!

  6. I love your take on thankfulness, grumpy, slow moving, swollen feet. Yes, thankfulness can come in so many forms! Also, I am loving all the peeks you keep sharing of the photo shoot with Meagan! p.s. love her too!


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