Life Lately. New Additions

Well, a sort-of-kind-of sneak peak of our new master suite.  We got M up from her nap Sunday afternoon and brought her in to the addition -- I wish I had a video for you cause everytime we bring her in there she runs in wide circles as fast as possible screaming "aaaah aaaaaahhhh!"  She just loves it.  She gives good tours too and points out where the sinks, toilet, etc. all go.  

We do have M moved into her new room so that feels great!  Annnnd, we hope to move into our room by week's end.  Yes, if you are doing the math, that is when baby is due too.  But, I'm really not worried.  Even if we aren't living larger in our new space -- Hey! we brought our first baby home to our house sans the addition and there is no problem doing it again!  No matter what, we just can't wait for our SON to get here!!!!

Please continue your prayers for us.  For the finishing and timing of everything.  For healthy baby and mommy please.  For M and her heart in understanding of adding a brother to the family.  For just continued joy and celebration of all our blessings.

Should be an interesting week!!  Pretty pumped about it!


  1. Yay! You're so close!

    The sneak peek looks the floors!

  2. beautiful photos! hoping the baby comes soon! what an exciting time!

  3. thanks for the email reminder about the link up. I almost forgot until I received the email.

  4. Beautiful photos!! I love how open the space is!! xo

  5. that's so exciting. hoping everything goes smoothly for you guys! your floors look amazing, by the way.

  6. I can just see her running in circles and screaming that adorable little kid cute!!! Thinking of you all and sending my best that all continues to go smoothly on all fronts! :)

  7. Best of luck with everything. Things do work out though, or at least become good stories, I was two weeks early and the crib hadn't been delivered, so I slept in a drawer on the floor for a week. It worked just fine!

  8. Such a precious little girl, I have no doubt her baby brother will be just as sweet. Good luck on the new additions! I hope everything goes smoothly!




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