Knoxville Maternity Photos by Austin Thomas

So not only am I becoming a mommy of 2 this month, but I'm also becoming a first time aunt!!  The radiant woman in yellow above is my twin sister and she is expecting her first child, a baby girl.  Our due dates are just 10 days apart!  We are so excited about having these two so close in age.  The only downfall is it means that we miss each other's deliveries.  I'm dying to be at the hospital when that sweet baby love arrives! 

Just a few weeks ago Jessica and her hubster Dan went out and met with Austin Thomas for a quick maternity shoot.  I love how Austin played on the light and how he captured my sweet twin sisters spirit.

Here's a hello from the photographer:
My name is Austin, and I freakin' love taking pictures. I have always loved cameras, but didn't really embrace creativity in photography until a few years ago when I got my own DSLR. 
Having never taken a formal photography class, I've learned the tricks of the trade mostly by trial and error and observing how others do their thing. I come alive in the outdoors - getting strangely excited about big open fields and never getting tired of spending hours wandering through the mountains. I truly believe that the Lord created each of us to live lives FULL of adventure with Him, and I've found that photography is an incredible way to freeze those moments in time and have the opportunity to relive them. 
Over the past couple years I have found that my photography is driven by the details, capturing the small characteristics of a scene that are often overlooked or forgotten. And however cheesy it may sound, that's how I've been trying to learn how to live life - noticing and appreciating the fine details that an incredibly detail-oriented God puts in my life every day. 
Here's to cameras, the outdoors, and a creative God.

Please stop by and check out more of Austin's work through the links below.  I haven't gotten to meet him in person, but from chatting with my sister and her husband I know that he is incredibly easy to work with, kind, generous, encouraging and super creative.  What I find so awesome is that he is still in school!  A senior at UT studying kinesiology and on top of that has this incredible gift and passion.  Austin, you rock!

Austin is still working on his website, but you can see more of his work and connect with him here:


  1. what beautiful photos! so fun that your sister is going to have a baby too! and awesome that your a twin too! I am a twin too! and my name is Jessica so your sister has a pretty awesome a beautiful name :)

  2. love the light in this photos! adorable!


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