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the hunt for warby parker

cardigan: conversation pieces // necklace c/o OK1984 // boyfriend jeans: soon maternity
baby bump: 34 1/2 weeks!

I'm a contact wearer.  Glasses at night and in the morning.  But I think that if I had glasses I liked w/ an updated prescription, I might actually wear them more.  Plus, those early morning & late nights with a newborn that are just around the corner are not friendly on contacted eyes.  It's time... for some new glasses.  About every time I compliment someone on their glasses, they tell me they are from Warby Parker.  I assumed that meant "expensive"... But Warby Parker glasses (frame + lenses) are only $95.  For a pair I really like that will also last me, I think I can swing that!

And you don't have to worry about virtual mirrors and trying to guess your face shape... they send you glasses (free) to try on.  On top of that, when you purchase a pair, they donate a pair.  Score.

I think I've already picked my favorite, but I have 5 days with these puppies before I have to turn them in, so give your vote...

I know they are all pretty similar... and actually, by the pictures, I'm not sure I would pick the same one I pick looking in the mirror. Here's what they are all named: 1) Preston 2) Percy 3) Sinclair 4) Ballard 5) Ainsworth.

Decisions... decisions...

This might turn out to be a bad idea... but give me your two cents. 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5?

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  1. one or five? Pics are a little small but that's what I like. Five's my favorite.

  2. I have the Prestons and love them. But, you pull off #5 so well! I LOVE THOSE ONES!

  3. LOVE #4. #1 is my second fave. I wear Warby Parkers and love them. :)

  4. I love my Preston's but 3&4 are great on you too!!

  5. Also, I ordered some Warby Parkers in the winter. Ainsworth was one of my five day try ons and I loved them buuuuuut I didn't order them. And I've regretted it ever since. So, maybe don't make the same mistake as me. ;)

  6. Mirror vs camera... I swear I made a middle part down my hair in the mirror. Took a picture and it wasn't a middle part. Those mirrors are deceptive!!

    My vote is #3!

  7. Really - you look adorable in all of them. :) I LOVE my Warby Parkers! I just jumped on this bandwagon a couple months ago and have not been disappointed! My frames are these giant red bad boys - and they are totally adorkable. :)
    On you my vote is: 4

  8. i vote for #4! but you look ravishing + incredibly smart in all of them :)

  9. Yay! Love #4 then #5. I've always hated glasses until Warby Parker! I got my first pair about 4 months ago and wear them all the time now!

  10. I love Warby Parkers!! So cute! My pick is #2

  11. #4 are adorable! But I'm pretty sure you could pull off all of them if you wanted. :)

  12. ooh! #4! Love them. They are all so cute!

  13. Hmm, they are pretty similar, but I think I'd have to go with 4 - I like the bottom shape of it. One of my co-workers suggested to order their free try on kit also. Like you I'm a contact lens wearer, but I've had my back-up glasses for years and I don't think they're even the right prescription. Time for a new pair!


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