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I had the extreme pleasure of spending the afternoon and evening with the ever-so-talented Meghan Newsom of the blog Eat.Live.Make on Tuesday.  Meghan very graciously drove up from Hunstville, AL to take maternity and family pictures with us.  We had so much fun - one, because it is fun taking pictures with my family, and two because I just adore Meghan.  She is sweet and spunky and super encouraging.  

The above pics are just from the first 30 minutes!... a bit of sneak peak that Meghan sent me last night.  We all really wanted to do "lifestlye" photos (where she follows us around our house doing life things) but our house, as I've said before, is in construction turmoil.  Even these shots of our bedroom are a bit staged (we got our new bed for the bigger bedroom we are getting -- it doesn't fit in our current/old room so it sits on the floor and our old furniture is every which way but right).  Anywhoo... we took some solos of me on the bed and then David and M joined in for some giggle/tickle/wrestle time.

After the bed pictures we headed down the street to Jeni's ice cream.  M was more than thrilled to have ice cream during dinner time!  She was being so silly cute.  Meghan handled everything so perfectly.  M loved her and was just silly crazy the whole time.  Meghan handled it with grace and a smile and rolled with all the punches.  Not an ounce of attitude or stress ever appeared on her face which made David and I so relaxed and comfortable.  

We then left M at our house to do the dinner & bedtime routine with our cousin while Meghan whisked us away to Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin just in time for the yummy sun setting dusk light.  We brought out one of my newest flea market chairs, a flower chain head band, a floppy hat, a quilt, and just had fun roaming around to catch the different light and utalize the old wood barns and stables.  David and I did lots of snuggling and cuddling while Meghan snapped away.  It was a treat!

Then we all made it back to the house to make dinner and just chill before Meghan headed to stay the night with her cute sister.  I was so glad she got to come back for a coffee in the morning and quick hug around the neck before headed home.  I loved taking pictures and look forward to seeing the rest of them (I'll be sure to share), but more so I'm so thrilled to have made a friend in Meghan.  She is a dear.

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  1. lovely photos! you all look so relaxed and happy :0 thanks for sharing

  2. Beautiful photos! cannot wait to see more!

  3. Great post!

    Thank you for linking up with Friday's Fab Favorites!

    Lauren xx

  4. Nice pictures. I love how relaxed and casual family pictures are now.


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