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M is a little talker.  I used to get in trouble for talking too much in school.  And David is a talker too... maybe not in a "get in trouble at school" way, but in a "i like to tell long stories" and conversation engager kind of way.  So M is just set up to be a talker.  I talk a mile a minute and apparently some might say mumble a bit too much.  I still hold that I talk quite clearly and that people's ears just aren't fast enough for my advanced efficiency of speech...  the verdict is still out.

Over the last couple weeks some of M's self made words have bee morphing into real words and adding them to her list of fluency.  I need to write down the words from her own language so I don't forget.  Like "eattas" has always meant raisins, until yesterday when she called them "esins."  Not quite the full word, but so close.  

We told her yesterday evening that we were going to the park.  We asked her what she wanted to wear since she was in pseudo-pjs all day after church.  "my suit!" she kept saying -- although we had no idea what she was saying, if it was a word or not.  She grabbed David's face in her hands knowing that he didn't understand and said the word "suit" in a handful of different inflections and speeds to try to facilitate understanding.  Finally I asked her... "You wan't to wear your bathing suit?!"  

ding ding ding!  Cue the happy child dance.  Her eyes lit up (and maybe rolled a little bit?) that we finally understand.  "Duh. of course -- i only said it 15 times! but yes, finally I feel understood!"  So sure, why not, we put on her suit.

We pulled up to the park and from the back seat we hear "No.... water!  Water Park!"  Well of course we should have known that in the request to wear her suit she actually meant "Please Mom and Dad if it is okay with you, I would like to put on my bathing suit and go to the water park."  Again - duh parents right??

So she was a bit disappointed as we got out of the car that there were no giant water fountains or places to splash.  But this girl, in her bathing suit, squealed and ran and swung and slid and raced until we had to pry her little fingers off the jungle jim and back into the car.  Where she than began chatting away with a recap of her time at the park and what would have for dinner.  


  1. I think it's hilarious when they grab your face and speak slowly and with great enunciation so you understand :) My 2 year old kept asking my husband for "yip-ee-year" while holding his face once. She was asking for root beer :)

    M's suit is super cute!

  2. i remember those days! my oldest who was three at the time that my daughter started to speak, was our official translator. somehow he always understood her. they have their own language i tell you! love that she grabbed your husband's face! too funny.

  3. so I am also a talker and I talk too fast... and apparently as a young toddler, I would chatter in my own language, that my mom said sounded like Mandarin chinese. None of this trying to sound out a few words-- I would constantly chatter in my own made-up baby language. I wonder if my future children will speak it as well! :)

  4. Well it's such a cute suit can you really blame her? Fashionista!

  5. That is an adorable story about your daughter. I can't blame her for wanting to go to the waterpark. I bet the weather was simply lovely.

  6. She is so darn sweet. Can't wait to "meet" your little man soon, too!

  7. This is such a fun and yet so frustrating talking stage. Behr is two and a half now, and still sometimes when I don't understand the first time, I get to the point where I am like, DUH! It is no wonder he gets frustrated when I don't fully understand him. But their rapid learning pace is amazing and oh so cute. You definitely need to write down a list of words for an "M Dictionary."


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