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Fig & Apple picking at "Cha Cha's" house.  Such a treat.  M loved it and was a bit possessive of the baskets... even if the apples were sour.  This yard posts so much beauty and lovely scents.  There are also plum, blueberry, and pear trees.

If you are into fruit, I suggest checking out the documentary "Fruit Hunters."  Super yummy and interesting & makes me want to plant all sorts of things in my back yard and be scouting on my community for fruit trees!

(on an unrelated to fruit note: make sure you check out the giveaway I posted earlier today for $200 to anthropologie!)


  1. Beautiful photos!! I hope that you have a great week!


  2. Linking up for the first time! I somehow got an email about thank you!
    My husband and I will have to check out that documentary. We have a few fruit trees in the backyard that we love.

    1. hi traci!! thanks for linking up! i think I got a couple email lists crossed (influence and link up stuff), but I sure am glad you found your way here!

      and yes...check it out. its pretty fascinating. makes me want to travel the world eatting fruit! it stars Bill Pulman (the dad from Casper!)... he is like a fruit fanatic in the hollywood hills. go figure!

  3. Replies
    1. she was pretty mad at her PaPa for letting her think it would taste sweet! ha!

  4. that is such a beautiful yard! fruit picking is so delightful!

  5. Great photos! I am definitely a fruit gal :)

  6. girl, what filter did you use on these photos!?! love!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  7. I LOVE M's romper. I'm obsessed with rompers on little girls right now. Also, I just got my first stitch fix!!! I used your link, so hopefully you got some credit for it. :) It was LOTS of fun.

  8. Oh, she is TOO cute! Gorgeous photos!

  9. Looks like fun! What an adorable romper :)

  10. I love her face when she bites into the apple! What beautiful photos.

  11. These pictures and the lighting are so beautiful!!! :)


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