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Outfit pictures just weren't in the cards this week (although, i have so much fun stuff to share from stitch fix, soon maternity, and beautiful+beloved)... but I didn't want to leave out my normal Wednesday style post! So, I share with you a small handful of my blogger faves. I love these girls style and just basically everything about the way they blog, take pictures, dress super cute but modestly... SOOO if you haven't checked them out, please do: 

 Mara from M Loves M 

Casey of Casey Leigh

(all photo credit to blogs linked above)

And this is just a sprinkling.  There are more supa fly stylish bloggers out there, but I have a feeling that over these next 9 weeks of pregnancy that I might need to sit out another week sometime and I'll save those others for another post! 

But tell me, who are your favorites?  What attracts you to outfit posts?  What kind of stuff do you like to see?  Totally asking out of curiosity (but also for some self advice for this blog). 



  1. I like seeing dresses and high heels. I also like to see a nice jacket with jeans and highheels too. And of course, anything with boots in the winter.


  2. I am a super modest blogger, so I love bloggers who wear longer skirt lengths and nothing too revealing. I love when bloggers show off outfits in a non-flashy way. I knew this blogger who had just a shot of her outside a building, smiling right at the camera, as if it were just a casual photo. I LOVED that. It was so natural and honest and beautiful.

  3. You picked some lovely bloggers...such great choices! Love Mara, and off to discover some of the others! Thanks for sharing, as always! :)

  4. They look lovely! Thank you for sharing these! I'm not very fashionable, and I don't know many fashion bloggers (though I do drop in here often, of course), so I have nothing to share, really! But love it, and hope you are resting up well!

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  6. hai.. nice to meet u,
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    done follow here,
    do follow me back?..=) -->(official) -->2nd blog

  7. Thank you Blair! So kind of you to include me! Love these gals to honored to be among them:) Thinking of you and baby!! x

  8. love all of them~!!

    i also love shannonhearts, crazystylelove, kendieveryday and wendy's lookbook!

    Sandy a la Mode


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