My Baby is Two.

(snapshots of the last year)

My sweet little bunny rabbit,

Today you are two. 
You are so beautiful.  You are FULL of energy (sometimes a little too full, but I love you for it).  You love to color, play in water, eat blueberries, put on lipgloss, hiding, and talk to your family on facetime.  You amaze us everyday with the things you are learning and how quickly you catch on.  New words and concepts everyday.  Half the time we have no idea how you even learned them.  You are a great eater and always just eat whatever we are eating.  No macaroni and chicken nuggets for you -- you always want the real deal.  You love fruit and lots of veggies (even brussle sprouts and lima beans).  Oh, and being fully potty training isn't too far around the corner.  You have been very successful lately!

You are growing like a weed.  We measured you a month ago and again yesterday... you grew nearly half an inch!  If it is true what they say that if you double a 2-year-old's height you'll know how tall they will be -- you will be over 5'8"... that's taller than Mommy!

I'm not sure what you are thinking about having your baby brother coming soon.  You will hug and kiss my belly and will sometimes say "Hennie" (your version of Henry).  I am cherishing our time of just you and me and our alone time.  It is bitter sweet -- my sweet little one who first made me a momma.  I'm so in love with you my sweet one.  Every part about you.  Even our hardest days when you don't want to nap and everything is no and comes with kicking -- I cherish each day.  You bring so much joy to my life.  I know you will be a great big sister.  

My prayer for you over the next year is that you will always know how loved you are.  That you will never feel less special or important than your brother.  That you will love him and feel loved by him.  I pray that you will find your identity ultimately not in being Mommy's or Daddy's daughter or in being a big sister, but will find your soul being in our Savior... that you will love him and understand him more and more everyday.  I pray for your friends.  That you will have friends who love you well and you will learn to be a good friend to others.  I pray for your protection -- that you will stay curious and brave and that the Lord would protect you in all your endeavors.  I pray that God will teach me how to love and care for and protect and serve you more.  And I pray so much more for you.

It is hard to express how thankful I am for you -- how much I love you -- how much you teach me more about God's love for me.  I am so blessed by you.

I'll eat you up I love you so.



  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! I'm sure she'll be a great big sister!

    I hope the potty training continues to go well :)

  2. So beautiful. I cannot believe she's two already. I remember when you announced you were pregnant!!!

    Gosh. Time flies. With a mother like you, she will always know she is loved.

  3. happy birthday to her!!!! i haven't heard that doubling the height of a 2 year old thing, but that's coool!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  4. This is beautiful. M is beautiful. Hope you had a lovely day together!

  5. Look at all that hair? Are you using your comb and brush? Looks like you have almost too much hair for that wee brush now? Maybe your dolls could use a good brushing? M. DO you think Hennie would want a comb and brush too? If not wht do you suggest? Love you all. Amie


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