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The ever present "battle of the bow."  This girl out right refuses.  No bows.  No clips.  No headbands.  No rubber bands. Don't touch my hair.  I wouldn't so much mind, but her hair hangs in her eyes and she complains about it.   So obviously there is a simple solution...

I try most unsuccessfully to sneak one in.  It takes quickness, slide of hand, and distraction.  Sometimes I think I won and then we'll go to facetime a grandparent and she sees her self and quickly feels that I have some how magically acted unjustly and rips it out of her hair.

Daddy somehow can talk her into much better than I can.  His trick?  Logic.  "Is your hair in your eyes?  Is it bothering you?  would you like me to get it out of your eyes?  Ok, than I need to use this clip."  Oh brother. Now if reasoning only worked when she didn't want to take a nap or finish her dinner...

Your turn!  What's going on in your life lately??


  1. Ha! I remember the Battle of the Bow, but my current battle is with a boy, and it's about clothes in general--nevermind the accessories! (She's darling, by the way, with bow or without....but you already knew that. :) )

  2. Dads can really work some magic, can't they!

    That pie looks delicious, too!

  3. The pictures of her eating cake, oh Blair, she is your mini! So precious.

    As for the bows, I feel you. Behr may not be wearing bows, but he refuses to allow his hair to be brushed. If I sneak a quick comb, he quickly tousles it back to its rumpled state. Next thing I know, I catch him looking in the mirror adjusting it just so...I feel like the teenage years are upon us already!

  4. These photos are so wonderful! What a sweet wee lady.

  5. i LOVE these pics!!! seriously, so cute!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  6. Haha, that's the sweetest thing! Hopefully she start to see that clips are good things :) When I was that little, I think my mother just chopped my bangs straight across--probably got sick of the constant fight!

  7. I totally feel your pain! Kids can be so independent, especially at her age. =) My son didn't like to wear hats when he was younger, and I had so many cute hats for him-- and in the summer, he really needed them to protect his fair scalp. Now, you can't get him to take his hat off. Ha!

  8. The 'bow fight' is the worst! I may not be a mommy, but I've had that particular battle enough times with my nieces to know it's a killer.

  9. You should start wearing her clips in your hair and I bet she'd change her mind. ;)

  10. I have this same fight with my two year old little girl. I have resorted to small rubber band hair ties and then sticking a bow on. Then, if she pulls it out at least her hair still still out of her face. Love your posts Blair! Which program do you use to edit your pictures?

  11. I have the same trouble with my daughter. If I can sneak the hair clip in, it might stay for a couple hours. But if she notices it... she just wants to pull it out and chew on it!

    Is that cheesecake she's eating? I'm drooling.


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