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Well friends, I'm back from a week at the beach with the youth kids.  We had a great week...30 weeks pregnant and all, I survived.  Loved being with this group of lovelies.  Was so blessed to get to have David, M, and Mimi + Papa staying down the road too.  I got stung by a bee and a handful of the kids got to see me weep and promise them that even though it did really (realllllllllly) hurt, that most of my tears were just because I was pregnant and tired and that I really was okay.

Our theme of the week was Peace & our three night talks focused on thinking, thanking, and loving our way to God's peace.  The lesson's were inspired by this Tim Keller sermon that I highly recommend giving a listen to.

Spending this week catching up on rest and getting back in the swing of "regular" work.  House is coming a long great.  M's 2nd birthday is FRIDAY! I have 9 weeks left of pregnancy.  Crazy of all crazies.  


  1. Sounds like that bee sting deserved the tears! Also, I love it every time you reference Tim Keller. I look forward to checking out that sermon. Thanks for sharing Blair!

  2. I'm so impressed you did the trip being 30 weeks pregnant. It sounds like it was a great one!

    Tim Keller for the win!

  3. Oh no! Bee stings always hurt 1,000 times more than I remembered from the last time. Always icky. You deserve a good cry and it looks like you had a lovely trip (stings aside).

  4. You are looking simply beautiful and what stunning sunset pictures!!! :) Sorry about your bee sting, I used to get them in the summers growing up...I think they loved me! ;)

  5. What a trooper you are! Loving the beach pictures, how lovely!

  6. Hi, Blair! I first heard of your blog from the Influence Network blog, and I've been lurking for a few months now without commenting. I love your style and your spirit! I've finally decided to get serious about this blogging stuff, so I'm coming out of the shadows to comment AND link up! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Looks like you had a great time! Your photos remind me of my childhood vacations spent on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico!


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