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Life Lately "I Two"

So I think Magnolia is officially in love with birthdays! She had the time of her life this weekend with lots of her friends and family in town to celebrate.  I'm not sure she knows what birthday means, but she for sure knew it meant "yay Magnolia."  She told everyone "birfday - I two. I Ma-nolia!" She loved opening presents and was so excited about everything she unwrapped -- whether it was a book, dress, or toy she just got super elated... and then waited a second before looking at us, putting a finger up and saying "one more?"  

She loved that she got extra sweets.  She went from one person to the next and I could just see all over her face how happy she was and how much fun she was having.  When everyone was singing happy birthday at her party she just kept looking around at all the people around her.  She seemed to be soaking them all in and her eyes welled up a little bit.  I think she was overwhelmed and just couldn't take in the love fast enough.  I could have burst into tears seeing that understanding of love hit her heart like that.  I pray all the time that she would know how cherished she is.  I knew there that she felt that was true.

On a separate note from the past few days, little Miss has had lots and lots of "naked booty time."  We having been trying to get rid of a nasty mystery diaper rash.  So awful and sad and she would tell us that it "hurtz" or "idtches."  Poor little booty.  I stalked her pediatrician at church today and he came into the nursery to look at it... turns out is yeast as a reaction to the antibiotic she was on a couple weeks ago.  Felt great to know what it is, but will still take some time in the buff to clear it up.  

Fortunately there is a silver lining as this diaper free time has accelerated potty training!  She has been such a champ and we've hardly had any accidents.  She tells us when she needs to go or just runs herself sometimes to her potty.  Maybe once this rash of hers is all gone we might be ready to try some big girl pants!

Things on the construction front are going great.  So proud of and thankful for my husband -- he is working so hard.  Also thankful for our crew - our good friend/project manager + two guys who come everyday and work so hard.  We are hoping to start moving stuff in mid/late August.

okay... that's my life lately.  Your Turn! 


  1. I'm so impressed by David! And happiest of birthdays to your sweet girl!

  2. Oh, and I totally just linked up! I love having this link up on Sunday night. Thanks!

  3. so precious!! I love it when they start realising what a birthday is, so much happiness!

  4. Little rumps hate antibiotics! Poor little patootie. Fresh air is the best though! Love the photos and I'm glad her party was such a love-fest!

  5. I'm glad her diaper rash didn't ruin her birthday! Little ones on their birthdays are the sweetest!

  6. Oh my heart, << waited a second before looking at us, putting a finger up and saying "one more?" >> that is the most precious thing I have ever heard! I can just picture it in a wee little sing songy voice with slightly slurred words.

    Happy happy birthday sweet girl!

  7. that little lady is your mini-me for sure. good luck on your potty training adventure!

  8. So glad she enjoyed her birthday. I love celebrating them, so special :) Hope her diaper rash clears up soon though, that's no fun1

  9. Hello there! This is my first time stopping by your blog:) Very cute, and I can't wait to read more!

  10. Cute blog! (:

    She sure looks like a happy blog.
    Can't wait to follow along in your adventures!

  11. so cute! read your "about" profile. I am growing my pixie out, too! :) quite the (frustrating) process. ;) here from casey's.


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