Life Lately -- Headed to the Beach

We had so much fun on our most recent trip to the river front water park.  Such a great place for a family picnic and some water fun -- which water is basically M's favorite ting right now.  And I'm so glad it is, because this fam is headed to the beach!... us and about 70 middle schoolers.  Pray for us!

There will be some "Blog Silence" over here at Wild and Precious, but still link up your posts below & I'll be back next Monday w/ some beach shots.  

xo. have a great week!


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Hope you are feeling okay!

  2. I love that hat! I wear my fedora pretty much everywhere...but is that technically a 'panama' hat? More shade. Better. You look great!

  3. seriously loving all these pics lately! enjoy your break!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  4. You look so adorable. Thank you for posting the pictures. Good luck with all the little kids and projects.

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