Life is a House

top: banana republic // army vest c/o Conversation Pieces // skinnies: Sanctuary via stitch fix // leopard flats: Steve Maden
necklace: Beautiful & Beloved //  earrings + ring: karen london jewelry // watch: fossil
baby bump: 33 1/2 weeks  //  photo backdrop: @mcleodart's new studio before insulation 

So, if you follow me on pinterest there might be a chance that I've been annoying you with my incessant pinning of fall fashion.  I'm currently just obsessed with fall.  Probably because I know that this fall brings with it not just cooler weather, but also non-maternity clothes, boots, finished construction, and oh yea... a sweet baby boy!  

So yes, a little obsessed with the prospect of fall and I'll take any drop in weather as a chance to start playing in some of the trends.  i.e. I'm in love w/ my new army jacket from Conversation Pieces.  I think it works great now, but my imagination is already playing around with all the ways I'll wear it when I'm not toting the baby bump.  And these pants -- okay okay they are a little on the small side, but these are non-maternity that Stitch Fix sent me a couple months back and they have been great!  Again -- will fit better post maternity.

And one more outfit brag,... this necklace!  It is from the boutique of a sweet friend, Amber, called Beautiful & Beloved.  From Amber's lips (or fingertips?):  
It is my path in life to remind women of every age and ethnicity that we are daughters of God, and He calls us His beloved and to Him we are breathtakingly beautiful. The online shop sells items that are handmade by survivors of slavery. Did you know that there are more slaves in the world right now than ever before in human history?? Beautiful and Beloved Boutique partners with organizations around the world who not only take these brave survivors in, they teach them a trade, they offer counseling and hope. These survivors get a new chance at life and you get the chance to help them in that journey by purchasing their unique and beautiful merchandise.

Pretty awesome right?!  This shop is still fairly new so please make your way over to say hello and check out all the goodies that are worth so much more than their price tags -- each piece literally means life for these woman!  Shopping doesn't get much better than that!  Here's where to find Amber and her boutique:

shop ||  blog  ||  twitter  ||  facebook ||  instagram

(pssst... word on the street is that Rouge & Whimsy is hosting a special Beautiful & Beloved giveaway!)

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  1. You are looking so beautiful! And I feel ya: as much as I adore summer, I can never get enough of Fall clothes. And I cannot wait to meet your baby boy, also!!!!

  2. BLAIR! YOU ARE SO CUTE! Seriously, rocking the pregnancy style :)

  3. I just love stripes on preggo bellies. So adorable! I can't wait until fall either. Sweaters, doesn't get better.

  4. Amber's shop sounds amazing - I will definitely check it out!

    You look lovely :)

  5. such an amazing compliment and post dear friend!! I love you so!!!! PLUS you look amazing

  6. You look simply gorgeous...and also I looove your "incessant pinning of fall fashion"!

  7. great photos! you look lovely!

  8. Stopping by from WiWW! You are an adorable pregnant mama! I love everything about your outfit!

  9. you look great!! and this is such a classic look w/ stripes and a vest!! i am wearing my vest on my blog soon too and wearing it w/ stripes as well! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

  10. I'm dying for fall for all the same reasons! I'm so ready to get back into "real" clothes. Unlike you, my maternity clothes no longer fit me. In the not at all kind of fitting not fitting kind of way. Haha, does that make sense? And I don't think my hubby's athletic shorts and worn out tees are appropriate for going outside the house, so really I'm just looking forward to rejoining society this fall. =)

  11. Absolutely love this entire outfit! Your hair is growing so quickly, the length is really cute right now :) I can imagine fall will be happy time for you--and your family! So many great, exciting changes :) And congrats to Amber for opening her shop! I just opened my jewelry shop about a month ago and it's definitely a fun, rewarding experience.


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