dress c/o Conversation Pieces // belt: vintage from my grammie

woohoo!  Third trimester!  I'm 26 (and a 1/2) weeks today!  It really has felt like it has flown by.  I get asked nearly daily how I'm feeling.  This question does not annoy me at all, I think it is sweet.  Here's what my reply usually is...

I feel great!  But... I get sore pretty fast and tired semi-fast.  Baby H likes to kick.  A lot!  A 20 minute walk feels latter like a 6 hour bike ride if you catch my drift.  I'm 26 weeks but feel more like I did at 36 weeks.  Still... I feel great!

It still is crazy how different this time is.  The time is just flying.  I'm not thinking about my pregnancy or my delivery or my new life with an infant + toddler during every waking minute.  With M I just couldn't turn off that part of my brain - it was all the time!  So it is more peaceful and calm and just go with the flow.  But... I still can't wait!!!

I wonder if I'll nest this time.  We haven't really bought anything for H.  A couple things I guess.  I think that because of construction I've been waiting for that to be over (please pray it is before baby gets here).  

I am I think using my "nesting energy" to soak up time with M as my fist little baby.  She amazes me and is so much fun.  She colors and loves art.  She talks a mile a minute.  She has a bit of her own language that is so cute.  She is into shoes and will do anything for a swipe of chap stick.  She is a great eater.  She loves getting wet.  She loves going to church to see her friends.  She voluntarily gives shoulder rubs and giant bear hugs... oh man, I could just eat her up I love her so!  She will be the best big sister and I can't wait for them to meet!

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  1. you look amazing! 3rd trimester how exciting!

  2. Lovely dress - looks so pretty and comfy! yay for third trimester :)

  3. I love that dress, it's darling on you.

  4. You are just so lovely! I bet Magnolia is going to be so excited when she meets little H. You're a good mom for always thinking of her.

  5. you look terrific. no double/triple/quad chins, no swollen ankles AND your nails are done!

    i love your descriptions of M. i love her even tho i've never met her!

  6. your M is a lucky girl. i can't wait to see her with the new baby. your calm spirit shows through your pictures and i LOVE this look! thanks for linking up with dress for the day!!

  7. I have been wondering if it is normal that allllll I think about is baby and anything related to being pregnant. Now I know it maybe is. ;)

    I love that skirt. Your belly is beautiful.

  8. Wahoo! Third trimester. I have always believed that it calls for celebration - the bump is finally fun to dress, meeting your baby gets closer and closer with each week, and conversations about pregnancy seem to be less awkward some how.

    p.s. You look super fab!


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