Summer Style Series // Styling Midi skirts by Rouge + Whimsy

I'm Erika and I blog at rouge + whimsy and have a handmade shop where I sell totes and clutches. I blog a lot about style, food and today I'm talking about fashion.

There's mini skirts, maxi shirts (my favorite) and then there's midi skirts.

As much as I love midi skirts, they can be a little tougher to style. Midi skirts hit about mid-calf and if not done right, they can look a little, well, frumpy.

But with the right accessories, even a pleated maroon skirt, which undoubtedly is straight out of the '90s (I thrifted it for a few bucks), can look good.

My tips:

1. Go with edgier accessories. The length of a midi skirt is already on the sweet side, so go for jewelry or a hat or a purse that will make the midi skirt less dated and more modern. I went with a hat and a neon clutch (from my etsy shop).

2. Belt it. A thin, or thick belt, can hide that not-so-cute elastic waistband and define your waist. 


3. Heels 
The midi skirt is already going to hit you at mid calf, which kind of can make the legs look cut off. Heels not only elevate your height, but they do a great job at completely killing any "frump."

I also love graphic, striped or plain tees with a midi-skirt. Again, this will make a sweet midi-skirt look a little more modern.

The best part of a midi-skirt? They're in now -- but they were also in 20 years ago. I bet you can find one or ten awesome midi skirts at your local thrift shop for nearly nothing.

thanks for letting me take over your blog today Blair!

any questions about midi skirts or anything else? I chat a lot on twitter and spend too much time on instagram. You can also say hi on Facebook!

xo, erika

I'm at a camp in East TN with my middle school youth this week.  So excited to have Erika come share her super cute style with you today!  Definitely check out her blog and social site -- if you don' t know her yet, you will fall in love!
Also: if you would like to be included in this summer style series, I'm still taking a few more submissions so shoot me a quick email!  xo Blair


  1. I love midi skirts but I'm also self-conscious I look dowdy in them. Adding big, bold accessories is such a great tip.

  2. Love how you've styled this, Erika! I feel like I'm too short to successfully pull off a midi - my legs are short enough on their own. ;)

    1. Jacky! I'm only 5'4! You can totally pull it off! Besides, it's more about confidence than anything!

  3. Very pretty !!!

  4. Yes, I think the saucy heels help so much! Way cute!

  5. Great tips! I love midi skirts, but have a hard time styling them. I'll have to keep these in mind. Also, you look cute Erika! :)

  6. Hmmmm...I MAY just give them another try!

  7. Couldn't agree more. Midi skirts are the toughest to pull off, but with your tips here, I know have a few ideas next time I'm brave enough to give it a try :)

    If you have a sec, hope you can drop by my blog too and read my latest:

  8. Love this outfit - head to toe!!

    Thanks for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx

  9. I have a hard time styling my midi, thanks for the tips Erika!


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