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Life Lately.

Happy July everyone!! Man. I think I blinked and June was just gone. Not even joking, my birthday is the last day in May & that's like my last clear memory.  Kinda scary, kinda awesome -- considering that puts me one month closer to Henry's arrival.

But goodness, summer is busy and I didn't do a great job anticipating how hard juggling all my different balls this summer would be while carrying a wee-little-babe.  I knew I would skip the roller coasters (i've already been to two amusement parks with the youth) and probably skip out on crazy games of water polo, etc., but I for some reason did not plan for how tired I would be.  Now I'm like, DUH!  I'm freaking preggers!  Slow down woman!

Keeping up with my intentions for Life Lately has been harder than I thought.  Actually, I knew it would be hard, that was the point I suppose.  But, I haven't learned a whole lot more about my camera yet.  I am a bit more intentional about getting it out.  Yet... today's pictures were taken with my phone.  But I am thankful for the memories captured that will now live here on Wild and Precious.  Some times I stop and think about what will happen to blogs in 20 years -- if I'll still be able to track this puppy down and show it all to my kids.  I hope so & I hope they get a kick out of it!

Magnolia's birthday is in a couple weeks.  I've been trying to help her understand numbers and age.  Although, I somewhat regret starting this conversations because it seems like as soon as I told her she was going to be two, a light bulb went off in her head and she decided it was time to start spicing things up with a couple daily screaming tantrums over literally nothing.  Yay. Fun.  Hello, Two!  (But goooosssh, she is still the cutest!)

I have so much to be thankful for.  Trying to catch my tongue when I start to complain.  Life is good.


  1. girl, i am right there with you. i cannot believe how fast june went by! love the picture of magnolia and her popsicle. too cute!

  2. Spicing things up with a tantrum ;) Don't you wish they could spice things up in a friendlier way :)

  3. I agree. . . where did June go? It's crazy how time flies! Such sweet photos.

  4. is that a mini las paletas? love.

  5. Just found your blog via Mackenzie @ Life of a pint-sized mama, Love it!
    Magnolia is such a cutie, I love her name!

  6. I cannot believe she's two already! Didn't you JUST announce you were pregnant with her? Oh man, time flies.

  7. It's definitely hard being pregnant in summer! I was just thinking about roller coasters last night, and how sad it is I can't get on one. Not that it's a regular thing- but you don't think about things like that much until you can't do them, right?

  8. I feel like I had a similar pair of cute little sandals when I was little. Love it!


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