Life Lately. {link-up}

You might have guessed by my outfit post last week and this photo on instagram that there were probably more "giant wish blower" pictures coming!! I had to share the magic.  It was so fun -- and like I said before, we'll be returning often.

Other life lately news around here...  

(in random order)... we bleached our whole house due to a pooch problem (pray for him if you will, he has an infection -- headed to the vet first thing), M really likes going tt in the potty but refuses to go #2 and told me this week to "go away" when I caught her going in her diaper, framing starts this week on the house addition, baby H thinks he is a cage fighter, I got a new pair of grey converse all stars and am sorta kinda in love with them, i'm planning my first ever trip to ikea to pick out some new furniture for the house, vbs starts today, to name a few things...

xo. can't wait to hear/see whats new in your life lately.


  1. These images are priceless! How did you teach M to do a frolic-through-the-fields type skip on cue? Perfection.

  2. I'm linked up!

    I need those huge poufs in my life!! Keep em coming, Blair!

  3. Very fun - I love finding new blogs this way too, and this is such a happy time of year with everyone's start of summer pictures.

  4. Oh, potty training is fun, isn't it? haha Right now, I've given up on Chia. She decided that the potty is "scary." No bribing helps. Once we move into the new house, we'll see if the new toilets are just as scary. ;)

  5. it is si magical! love the third photo!

  6. Those giant wish blowers are incredible!

    We have totally rejected potty training these days, even to the point of rejecting the diaper all together! I am losing my mind, but at least it is summer time right? Sunshine and outdoor adventures seem to do the trick on even the worst of days.

    I am linking up Hudson's two month post, because that sums up our life no better than anything else I would write!


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