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Life Lately. {link up}

Lately, one of M's favorite games is hiding.  She is so funny.  If she hears any abnormal noise in the house she will look at one of us, giggle a little bit, and then say "hiiide!" and start running for the bedroom.  She'll hide anywhere -- behind pillows, behind a washcloth... but her favorite is the bed.  It works great for me because she always wants me to hide with her.  Of course that means that I get to lay down.  Big smiles here.  It's fun watching her giggle and dive under the covers + I get a little rest.  She says usually that she is either hiding from David or from Oscar, but she always wants to be found.  "Daaa-eee I hide!!!," she will scream.  Then she hears his foot steps and gets excited and nervous all at once.  Sometimes she tries to stay really still and quiet and other times she is a wiggly wiggly worm!    She is also sure to put her finger to her lips and whisper "shhhhh" if I'm not being a good hider.  And if she thinks no one is looking for her, she will tell us what to say "Where Magnolia??"  She is just so spunky!!!  I love it!


  1. She's so adorable! I love any playing that involves me laying down :)

  2. Cute photos! I linked back to you on my inspiration page since I didn't see a button. xo

  3. hide and seek is too much fun!
    this pics are lovely
    have a nice week!

  4. she is just too much cute!!!!! I can't wait to see her as a big sister!! xoxo

  5. You description of her hiding techniques is so darn cute it makes me want another baby. Like. right. now. Also, your photos are looking great! You must be practicing :)

  6. She is adorable, just like her mommy, and what cute pictures!!! :) I can just imagine her trying to stay still and quite, but getting too sweet! <3

  7. oh my gosh she is one adorable child!!!


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