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Life Lately. {link-up}

I announced last week a new link up series I was starting in order to help remind myself to capture life's moments and really  take some invested time in learning how to use my "camera camera."  So, welcome to the Life Lately. weekly link up!  My posts will mostly be a handful of pictures from the preceding week & may or may not have many words to accompany them.  I would love for you to join!  

The link up is "rule free," but, here are a few courtesies I ask of you:

1. Only link to a specific post (not your main blog url).  Post can be anything pertaining to your Life Lately. -- pictures, week recap, things currently on your heart... it is up to you.
2.  Link Back por favor.  Linking back here to me helps everyone find each other and helps your readers understand what you are participating in.  There isn't a Life Lately. button yet, but I'll work on one for those who like to use them.  
3.  Make some new friends! Visit a couple of the others who link up if you can.


  1. Love these photos!! The black and white one of M in the sprinkler is just perfection. Linked up!

  2. Love the photo of David and M at Jeni's! Good use of your "camera camera." This is my first link up-- love it.

  3. gorgeous pics... i recognize jeni's ice cream :) linked up!! yay!! xoxo

  4. I love the photo of your sweet girl in the sprinkler! Awesome. What settings were you using on your new camera to capture that?

    1. hmmm i think it was on AV and I had it on aperture 2.8... not positive on the ISO, maybe 1000? i was using a 40mm fixed lens. and i edited the pic with the ap afterlight. i'm still so new to trying out photography that i'm always just messing around with settings and if I get something "good" it is rarely intentional. :)

  5. I'm so excited to do this! makes blogging easier some days.

  6. These pictures simply make me smile...I see so much of you each in beautiful Magnolia! :) Also, so happy to be back and catching up on lovely blogs I've missed while away, like yours! <3

  7. Nothing more precious than seeing little ones having SO MUCH FUN in the water!

  8. Love the sprinkler photos...what a cutie! Linking up! :)

  9. I have been seeing this idea about taking pics of your kids weekly, and I am totally gonna do it!! It's def a lot easier than everyday!! Love your little one's pics!! When I do, I will def link up with you!! :)


  10. Aw I love the Black and White one! I had one of my son when he was about 2yrs old running through the sprinkler. Such sweet memories :)

  11. looks like a joy-filled life!! I need to start participating in this, maybe then I would post more :)

  12. Adorable photos! I think you're doing a great job with the camera :) I need to pull my real camera out more now that I've learned how to actually use it!!! And p.s. thanks again for hosting this link-up, I'm excited to get into a weekly routine!

  13. love this kind of posts. I've been doing kind of the same in my blog so I;m linking :)


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