Happy Father's Day!

Was pumped to have help from RedEnvelope this year to come up with a fun father's day gift!  David is certainly a gadget man (and as you can tell from the pictures, M likes to steal them from time to time) so I knew these House of Marley headphones would for sure do the trick and bring a smile to my dude's face.  Since David works from home, sometimes even the every day noise of a household can be too much of a distraction.  Throw in our current construction project on the other side of his office wall, and concentration is a factor.  He loves throwing these on, turning on some M83 or Bon Iver, and disappearing into his painting.  Wham Bam thank you mam -- some great man gifts to be found on RedEnvelope. 

Here's to celebrating all the dad's!  We have a busy week next week so we'll be enjoying some down time and resting it up big time this weekend.  Thankful for my Daddy & for my sweet husband who goes by "Daa-eeee" around here.  

I was given these headphones by RedEnvelope to gift David for father's day, but all opinions are my own.


  1. So incredibly sweet. I can't wait to celebrate Father's Day with my husband. What a precious thing to witness.

  2. nice!! that is definitely something my hubby would like to (as he also quite enjoys M83 & Bon Iver). love the aesthetics of them. enjoy celebrating him this weekend, how fun.


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