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around the corner

rings c/o karen london jewelry // nails: Essie "who's the boss"  // sunglasses: OASAP
baby bump: 25 weeks

It's amazing the beautiful places you can find within walking distance from your house.  You might have to explore a little bit and expand your idea of beauty, but it is all around us!  We were checking out a new build up the road and across the street is an abandoned lot with dandelions of ginormous porportion!  They reminded me of something from Pan's Labrynth or Narnia!  So magical.  And since we like to check on the construction of this new house a lot (three stories w/ wrap around porches on every floor!) I know we'll be checking out this field every time too!

What about you?  What places are right around your corner that are full of beauty & adventure?

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  1. hey pretty friend! i want to explore your 'hood! i love wandering here in california - there are so many diverse styles in man-made and natural beauty :) thanks for linking up with dress for the day.

  2. Ummmm, hello gorgeous! You and that large and in charge dandelion. :) I have been m.i.a. for awhile...and I think you were preggers, or just given birth last time I was around these here parts. Congrats. And I am loving the sound of wrap around porches on every level. Oh yessss....

  3. i have never seen dandelions that huge!! they're actually pretty cool looking!

  4. oh my! that is enormous! how cool!
    just yesterday I was at the park with my baby boy blowing on (regular size) dandelions!
    you look very cute on that outfit :)

  5. Wow - you look gorgeous! I found you on Pleated Poppy :) Toronto Mama and myself, A Life From Scratch, are teaming up for a new twist on things - we are hosting WWWW! That's, what WE wore Wednesday. We'd love to see you over there with you and your littles, that growing belly is adorable!

    Congrats :)

  6. ginormous is an understatement! are you sure the dandelions aren't prego, too?

  7. Love these photos and that nail polish is so pretty. I'll have to run out and get me some...

  8. So huge!!!!! These photos need to be in a frame!

  9. i can't believe how fast this pregnancy is moving, girl!! soo excited for u!!!

  10. You look adorable and I love those cute!!! :)

  11. Those are massive dandelions! Your bump is super cute :) Hope to see you linked up at What I Wore Wednesday Just grab the badge or link and comment and you're good to go!


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