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wild flowers

sunglasses: Ralph sunglasses  //  dress c/o Soon Maternity // heels: ivanka trump
necklace: instagram giveaway win from Loren Hope via In Honor of Design
baby bump: 23 1/2 weeks

I'm super pumped about my new cat eye sunglasses - it's pretty rare when I get my hands on designer glasses, so I pretty much keep these things in toe at all times.  Now if I can just keep myself from scratching them or from falling into the hands of my almost-2-year-old...

About the flowers... I have no idea if these are "true" wild flowers... or semi-wild flowers aka someone took a fist full of seeds and threw them over their fence, or if they are just wildly planted.  No bother to me though really, I enjoy driving by them every day on the way house.  They reallllly make me want to plant like this, or just plant flowers in general.  I haven't really done gardening past semi-annual wedding since I was pregnant with Magnolia, but I kind of have this desire to develop a green thumb.

What about you?  Do you garden?  Have a flower style? Green thumb? Black thumb? Stay away because of allergies?...

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  1. I love wild flowers, give me the colorful wildflower over plain red roses anyday. I love the color of your dress and your fabulous sunglasses! I have a mild green thumb, I started a couple of veggie plants in pots so I'm hoping they'll last.

  2. beautiful poppies. i love them.
    you look gorgeous.


  3. You are so gorgeous!!!!

    Total black thumb over here!

  4. I have a black thumb over here! Seriously, everyday I would walk by this plant we had and think, I need to water that, then would walk into the house and forget, until it died. That's why there are gardeners...take credit for someone else's work :) Stopping by from Shanna's corner of the world. Cute dress by the way!

  5. I love the glasses and wild flowers! I've been sticking to a herb garden...I love beauty but Im practical at heart and am not quite garden savy. Hopefully someday I'll find some low maintenance flowers!

  6. i'm growing a succulent, and that's going okay. anything else is a bit much for me :). i love how this necklace rests on your baby belly!

    1. man...i think i even killed my sucelents. i mean they are alive... but they ain't pretty! but doesn't help that my baby likes to pull them out of the dirt...

  7. So beautiful. What a pretty colour dress and how perfectly it goes against the lovely flowers.

  8. gosh you look SOO amazing!! i want a pair or cat eye sunnies!!

    1. thanks lady! and thanks for the intro to sunglassesshop!!

  9. You look amazing!! That dress is gorgeous and the perfect color!! You could totally pull off leopard leggings with your adorable baby bump!! Thanks sooo much for linking up!!

  10. Wow I love your maternity look, you are glowing and that dress is very flattering and stylish on you, wish I looked this good when I was pregnant.

    Just stopping by from style elixir

    Laura x

  11. You are a beautiful mama to be...inside and out. Just love that dress on you and Loren Hope pieces always take it up a notch:)


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